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There are a multitude of Activities that can be done in WalkScape throughout the world of Arenum.

When you select an activity, you begin completing actions of that activity until it no longer becomes possible to continue completing actions, or you select to do another activity. Actions are one completion of an activity, and reward things like experience, a chance at a chest, and create or transform materials.

There are roughly two categories of activities in the game:

  • Near-infinitely repeatable - Many gathering activities will produce an action every set number of steps until you tell your character to do something else. For example, if you select Cut Pine Trees as your activity, your character will continue chopping pine logs until you tell them to do otherwise. You will continue doing this activity at maximum efficiency until hitting the inventory soft-cap, or stopping when you are overencumbered - if you have the setting toggled on.
  • Finitely repeatable - Crafting Recipes and traveling activities generally produce a finite amount of possible actions. When selecting an activity such as Cut a Pine Plank, you can select how many actions you want to perform up to the maximum available based on the materials you have available to you, and the game will predict how many steps this will take you to complete. When traveling is your activity, your character will travel until reaching their destination.

Steps that you take while the game is active on your screen (foreground) are applied in real time to your current activity. If you close or background the game, the steps that you take will be immediately applied upon foregrounding the app or loading into the game.

Leveling a skill grants 1.25% Work Efficiency toward the attributed skill's activity up to a maximum of 25% or 20 levels above that of the required level to perform the activity.

For activities involving two skills, the player is only eligible to earn chests in skills that have actual level requirements.

When performing an activity for a skill, only the primary skill is factored in for the player's equipment bonuses, the "2nd Skill" will also be affected by the equipment attributes based toward the "1st Skill" (IE: +1 Exp will apply to the "2nd Skill" as well).


Please see each skill's page to see their associated listed activities that we currently know of and where they can be done.

Skill Uses
Agility Traveling across the world and accessing shortcuts.
Carpentry Woodworking for turning logs into planks for crafting.
Cooking Recipie based skill that turns raw materials into consumables.
Crafting For turning transformed materials into final usable crafted items.
Fishing Catching fish to use as raw materials, primarily in cooking.
Foraging Gathering plants as raw materials for use in crafting and cooking.
Mining Mines ore based raw materials for use in smithing.
Smithing Turns ores into bars for use in crafting.
Woodcutting Cuts down trees for their logs as materials for carpentry.


Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s)
Traveling Between Areas Agility 1
Cross-Country Skiing (Beginner) Casbrant Fields Agility 5
Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate) Noiseless Pass Agility 20
Frisbee Golfing (Beginner) Barbantok Agility 10
Frisbee Golfing (Intermediate) Bilgemont Port Agility 25
Rooftop Jumping (Beginner) Coldington Agility 25
Rooftop Jumping (Intermediate) Everhaven Agility 45
Mountain Climbing (Beginner) Frostbite Mountain Agility 10
Mountain Climbing (Intermediate) Sanguine Hills Agility 35
Swimming (Beginner) Farsand Coast Agility 20
Swimming (Intermediate) Red Coast Agility 40
Kayaking Old Arena Ruins Agility 30
Sandcastle Building Beach of Woes Carpentry 1
Wood Carving Barbantok Carpentry 10
Ship Repair (Beginner) Port Skildar Carpentry, Smithing 20, 10
Ship Repair (Intermediate) Blackspell Port Carpentry, Smithing 40, 30
Soup Kitchen Volunteering Azurazera, Granfiddich Cooking 10
Wine Grape Stomping Granfiddich Cooking, Agility 45, 30
Ice Sculpting Frusenholm Crafting, Carpentry 15, 10
Tinkering Barbantok Crafting 25
Sea Fishing (Net) Beach of Woes Fishing 1
Lake Fishing Azurazera, Frusenholm Fishing 5
Sea Fishing (Rod) Port Skildar Fishing 20
Magnet Fishing Old Arena Ruins Fishing, Foraging 40, 30
Forest Foraging Disenchanted Forest Foraging, Agility 1, N/A
Litter Looting Kallaheim, Granfiddich Foraging, Agility 8, N/A
Plains Foraging Norsack Plains, Casbrant Fields Foraging, Agility 10, N/A
Cliff Foraging Frostbite Mountain, Sanguine Hills Foraging, Agility 25, 20
Seashell Searching Beach of Woes, Farsand Coast Foraging 25
Glacier Foraging Winter Waves Glacier Foraging, Agility 30, 30
Trellin Dumpster Diving Granfiddich Foraging, Agility 35, 20
Erdwise Dumpster Diving Blackspell Port Foraging, Agility 35, 20
Butterfly Catching Warrenfield Foraging, Agility 40, 30
Mine Copper Ore Frostbite Mountain Mining 1
Mine Tin Ore Frostbite Mountain Mining 10
Mine Iron Ore Frostbite Mountain Mining 20
Mine Coal Frostbite Mountain, Sanguine Hills Mining 30
Mine Tarsilium Ore Sanguine Hills Mining 40
Mine Farganite Ore Sanguine Hills Mining 50
Surface Salt Mining Beach of Woes Mining 1
Gold Panning Norsack Plains Mining, Fishing 15, 5
Spelunking Sanguine Hills Mining, Agility 50, 50
Horseshoe Making Port Skildar Smithing 20
Cut Birch Trees Disenchanted Forest, Nomad Woods Woodcutting 1
Cut Pine Trees Disenchanted Forest Woodcutting 10
Cut Spruce Trees Nomad Woods, Noiseless Pass Woodcutting 20
Cut Oak Trees Nomad Woods, Noiseless Pass Woodcutting 25
Cut Maple Trees Mangrove Forest Woodcutting 30
Cut Teak Trees Farsand Coast Woodcutting 40
Cut Willow Trees Mangrove Forest, Warrenfield Woodcutting 40
Cut Mangrove Trees Mangrove Forest Woodcutting 50
Firewood Making Coldington Woodcutting, Agility 15, 10