Surface Salt Mining

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Surface Salt Mining

Extracting salt in a mine is hard work because you get dehydrated very quickly due to the constant contact with the salt. Luckily for you, these halite (salt rock) crystals are on the well-ventilated surface and come off easily when you hit them with a pickaxe.

Surface Salt Mining Surface Salt Mining is a Mining activity located in the Beach of Woes.

Activity Info

Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s) Exp Base Steps Base Exp/Step Base Total Exp/Step Min Steps Max Exp/Step Total Max Exp/Step Notes
Surface Salt Mining Beach of Woes Mining 1 15 45 0.333 0.333 30 0.500 0.500 Requires a Pickaxe

Normal Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value
Single (Stack)
Salt Crystal 1 72.000% ~ 1 in 2 1 (1)
Sea Shell 1-2 20.000% ~ 1 in 5 5 (5-10)
Fishbone 1 8.000% ~ 1 in 13 0 (0)

Special Drops

Each row of the special drops table are rolled independently of the others.

Item Type Quantity Chance Rate
Mining Chests Chest 1 0.4% ~ 1 in 250


This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".