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Jarvonia is the starting region of the game, located on the map's northwestern edge. It is a land of ice and darkness, ruled by a powerful religious brotherhood, is an independent realm of hardy people united by their unwavering faith and fierce determination to survive. Despite the harsh winters and isolation, they find strength and protection through their religion, their hearts burning bright against the cold.


Labeled map of Jarvonia

Urban Areas

Other areas




Prior to the establishment of the Arena in Middlecrest, Jarvonia was the home of the Norsacks, who were largely nomads and were regarded as barbarians. With the arrival of more settlers to Jarvonia, the Norsacks were largely pushed out of their lands and had to adjust to a more sedentary lifestyle.

Government and politics

Jarvonia is now politically renowned as being strictly religious, but not for the godlike entities that reside at the Ethereal but for their own practices. They are somewhat isolationist due to their differences, yet they rely significantly on the food trade from the South.

Jarvonia is ruled by a religious brotherhood rather than a ruler. The major plot of Jarvonia will be strongly related to the succession crisis in Wallisia, while also learning about their peculiar religion and making decisions about becoming more open to Wallisia's influence or remaining isolationist.


Kallaheim has a lot of fish and minerals. As such, Kallaheim has become an integral part of Jarvonia's economy, as it is able to provide them with the resources they need to remain self-sufficient and further their isolationist ideology.