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Materials are resource items that the player gathers from training the Agility, Foraging, Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting skills. These items are then used in the Carpentry, Cooking, Crafting, and Smithing skills to produce food, tools, weapons, and armors. Materials can also be received from chests.

Materials also have a Fine version of themselves that can be be received in place of the regular version at a base rate of 1/200. These can be sold for additional coins to shops or allow better crafting quality chances.

List of Materials

Name Type Note
Wooden Stick
Sea Shell
Fishing Line
Salt Crystal
Adventurer's Enamel Pin
Name Tag
Unidentified Remains
Large Stone
Sturdy Branch
Adventurers' Guild Token Currency
Wood Scrap Scrap
Metal Scrap Scrap
Birch Logs Logs
Pine Logs Logs
Spruce Logs Logs
Oak Logs Logs
Maple Logs Logs
Teak Logs Logs
Willow Logs Logs
Mangrove Logs Logs
Birch Plank Plank
Pine Plank Plank
Spruce Plank Plank
Oak Plank Plank
Maple Plank Plank
Teak Plank Plank
Willow Plank Plank
Mangrove Plank Plank
Raw Shrimp Fish
Raw Perch Fish
Raw Carp Fish
Raw Pike Fish
Raw Trout Fish
Raw Salmon Fish
Raw Squid Fish
Raw Jellyfish Fish
Raw Lobster Fish
Nettle Plant
Thistle Plant
Hemp Plant
Sunblossom Plant
Flax Plant
Snowdrop Plant
Moondaisy Plant
Copper Ore Ore
Tin Ore Ore
Iron Ore Ore
Coal Ore
Tarsilium Ore Ore
Farganite Ore Ore
Gold Ore Ore
Copper Bar Bar
Bronze Bar Bar
Iron Bar Bar
Steel Bar Bar
Tarsilium Bar Bar
Farganite Bar Bar
Opal Gem
Star Pearl Gem
Wrentmarine Gem
Topaz Gem
Jade Gem
Ruby Gem
Sun Stone Gem
Ethernite Gem