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DevBlog #41: Achievements update released, my summer vacation and short-term roadmap

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Vacation Notice

  • Developer on vacation from 16th to 23rd of this month
  • A quick update to fix post-release issues will be released before vacation
  • No DevBlog on the 25th; next DevBlog on 8th August

Achievements Update Released

  • Biggest update yet released yesterday
  • Initial release had a critical bug, fixed quickly
  • Positive initial feedback from users
  • Thanks to everyone for patience and testing

Short Term Roadmap

  • Privacy-focused features for account management coming soon
  • Syrenthia update targeted for end of next month
    • Missing Realm Reputation, Job Boards, and Consumables
    • WalkPedia completed ahead of schedule

Until Next Time

  •    Small patch expected before vacation
  •    Next DevBlog in one month
  •    Encouragement to enjoy new content and unlock achievements

DevBlog #40: Friends system released, major balancing changes, shop rework, WalkPedia and more!

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  • Achievement Update: Planned to release in less than two weeks.
  • Friends System: Released on the Portal, allowing players to add others to their friends list and compete on friend-specific leaderboards.
  • Balancing Changes: Revamp of primary and secondary slot items, rework of Smithing, and the introduction of a new 'scrap' system for certain crafting activities.
  • Shop Rework: Improved trading options and user interface.
  • WalkPedia Progress: An in-game guide and collection log for players.

Friends System Released

Our second developer, myzozoz, is working on the Friends system in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Friends system on Portal (completed)
  2. Phase 2: Friends system in-game
  3. Phase 3: Party system

Adding Friends:

  • Search for their username on the new Users page.
  • Send a friend invite via the three dots button or their profile page.
  • Share your profile link for others to add you.

Friend Leaderboards:

  • Access by changing "All" to "Friends" on the leaderboards.
  • Included in the Achievements Update for in-game access.

Feedback and Issues:

  • Comment on the blog or Discord server.
  • Serious issues: DM moderators on Discord or email

Major Balancing Changes

Arrows Slot → Back Slot:

  • General back slot for more skilling and combat versatility.
  • New fun/meme craftable item for early game training.

Crafted Tool Attribute Rebalancing:

  • Normal quality tools have reduced Gear Score Index (GSI).
  • Goals: Prolong higher quality crafts, provide more materials, incentivize crafting, and reduce rush strategies.

Primary/Secondary Slot Items to Tools:

Smithing Rework:

  • Bars are 60% faster to create with 50% less experience.
  • Transform bars into combat items or tools.
  • Choose between crafting tools or generating smithing experience.

Service Attributes:

  • Unique location services with attributes.
  • Choices between co-located services and special service bonuses.

Scrap System Pilot:

  • Activities like tinkering and wood carving now generate "scrap".
  • Transform scrap into bars/planks.
  • Future potential for scrapping items for materials.


  • Nerfed agility experience from activities.
  • New progression mechanics and gear for agility activities.

Other Changes:

  • Non-skill based requirements for tools and gear.
  • Items unequipped into inventory if requirements not met.

Shop Rework

Due to upcoming elements in Syrenthia and the Achievements update, the NPC shop system has been reworked:

  • New Currencies: Shops can accept currencies other than coins.
  • Improved UI: Taller shop UI, faster animations, category separation, and advanced search function.
  • Item Buyback: Reverse unwanted purchases or sales.
  • Future Updates: More scalable systems and QoL improvements.


Progress on WalkPedia, planned for the Achievements Update or Syrenthia:

  • Content Log: Shows explored content only.
  • Statistics: Completion progress, drop rates, item sources.
  • Navigation Tools: Browser-like features with tabs, bookmarks, and search.

Achievements Update and Syrenthia

Achievements Update: Nearly complete and in testing. Strips characters naked due to gear slot changes. Expected release before next blog.

Syrenthia Update: Most labor-intensive features already complete. Friends system to be integrated soon.

Adventurer’s Guild

Introducing the first NPC guild, the Adventurer's Guild:

  • Outposts: Multiple locations in Arenum.
  • Activities: Special items and tokens for completing activities.
  • Future Plans: More guild mechanics and special items.

Thank you for reading along! Your support helps us scale and speed up development. Stay hydrated, and keep walking, everyone!

DevBlog #39: Wave 2.5 ending soon! Clothing shops, rebalancing & friend system

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Wave 2.5 Ending Soon

  • End Date: June 15th.
  • Access: Support on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee for last-minute access. Wave 3 is expected by the end of summer.

Clothing Shops, Wardrobe, and Barber

  • New Shops: Two clothing shops in Jarvonia and GDTE, offering unique clothing options.
  • Wardrobe Service: Available in larger cities to switch between purchased/unlocked clothing.
  • Barber Shops: Customize hair, face, and colors for a fee of 1000 coins.

Rebalancing Changes

  • Balance Update: Adjustments to tools and game mechanics to ensure balanced progression and gameplay.
    • Key Adjustments:
      • Steel axe in Nomad Woods adjusted to prevent early game imbalance.
      • Quality of tools now has a more significant impact across tiers.
      • Early game tools weakened to encourage progression.
      • Attributes like bonus XP% on tools adjusted to prevent imbalance.
    • New Framework:
      • Early qualities emphasize gems, chests, and fine materials.
      • Later qualities focus on work efficiency and double action.
      • Double rewards distributed linearly.

Friends & Party System

  • Phase One:
    • Add/manage friends on WalkScape Portal.
    • User search and privacy settings.
    • Friends-only leaderboards.
  • Phase Two:
    • In-game friend management and notifications.
  • Phase Three:
    • Party system for 2-10 members.
    • In-game world map visibility of party members.
    • Party leaderboards and challenges with step goals and rewards.
    • Extra reward for the top contributor in the party.

Additional Updates

  • Portal Improvements: Fixed issues with the Portal, improved linking for Patreon and BMAC, and enhanced localization tools.
  • New Items: Dozens of new items introduced, details to follow.

Stay tuned for the next update, and as always, stay hydrated and keep walking!

DevBlog #38: Releasing achievements + abilities before Syrenthia, Android pedometer fix

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Wave 2.5 Reminder

  • Dates: Starts on June 1st at 00:00 UTC and ends on June 15th at 12:00 UTC.
  • Access: Supporters on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee need to link their accounts to gain access.

Android Pedometer Fix

  • New API: Google released a new Android Health API, simplifying pedometer development.
  • Improvements:
    • No Google sign-in required, enhancing privacy.
    • No additional app installation needed, only Google Play Services.
    • Background step tracking support for previously problematic devices.
    • Eliminated need for foreground processes, reducing battery usage.
  • Temporary Changes: Previous notifications will be unavailable but will return in future updates with improvements.

Releasing Achievements & Abilities Before Syrenthia

  • New Content Update: An intermittent update will precede the Syrenthia update.
  • Features:
    • 40+ achievements categorized into four difficulties: easy, medium, hard, extreme.
    • Character customization through barber and wardrobe services.
    • Three new locations and dozens of new items, including achievement-related ones.
    • New activities and abilities with time or step-based cooldowns.
    • Achievement reward track with 22 unlocks based on achievement points.
    • Introduction of the first guild with more features to come later.

New Merch Available

  • Merch Store: Two new shirt designs by Sorgo are available.

Closing Remarks

  • Developer Relief: The new Google API has alleviated many pedometer development challenges.
  • Next Update: A specific release date for the next content update will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more updates, keep walking, and stay hydrated!

DevBlog #37: Wave 2.5, new website released, statistics, roadmap, Syrenthia progress

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Wave 2.5 Release

  • Dates: June 1st to June 15th.
  • Access: All supporters before June 15th, 12:00 UTC, will gain access. The integration with Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee (BMaC) is being reworked to reduce the waiting time for support recognition and beta access.
  • Purpose: Introduced as a compromise due to delays in Wave 3 development, allowing new supporters to access the game sooner.

New Website and Roadmap

  • Redesigned Website: The new website matches the game’s look and feel, offering new features such as:
    • Next wave countdown.
    • Latest development posts.
    • Live updating game statistics.
    • Press kit and trailer video.
  • Roadmap: A new roadmap has been released, detailing past events and upcoming developments, which will be regularly updated.

Pedometer Updates

  • Stability: With build +242, the Android pedometer is stable. Major improvements include:
    • Retaining step counts through phone reboots.
    • Optimizing background processes to reduce battery drain.
    • Resolving edge case issues reported by users.
  • Troubleshooting: Common issues with step counting often relate to permission settings. Users are encouraged to enable specific permissions and settings to ensure accurate step tracking.

Syrenthia Progress

  • New Features: Development has resumed on adding buffs and abilities:
    • Buffs: Temporary attributes from consumables, allowing one active food and one active potion at a time. UI development for these features is ongoing.
    • Abilities: Actions with cooldowns that can be performed in the game. These will be rare and unique, with cooldowns based on real-world time, steps, and actions.

Game Statistics

  • Milestones:
    • Total Steps: 1.505 billion.
    • Most Stepped Activities: Iron Ore, Litter Looting, Coal, Oak Tree.
    • Rarest Items: Candlehat, Hat with a Feather, Recipe Book, Forester's Boots.
    • Glacier Foraging Highest Steppers: Malik (1.38 million steps), Jarski (1.13 million steps).

Next Steps

  • Focus: Development will shift fully to new gameplay features, with no major updates to the pedometer expected unless critical issues arise.
  • Engagement: Community feedback remains crucial. Users are encouraged to report any issues or successful setups to help improve the game for everyone.

For more details and updates, visit the WalkScape Portal or join their community discussions on Reddit and Discord.

DevBlog #36: Pedometer fixes continue, progress on website and a flu

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Pedometer Issues:

  • Deployed a new pedometer update with several issues emerging post-deployment.
  • Continuously working on fixes with highest priority on Android issues.
  • Troubleshooting steps provided for Android users.
  • iOS issues already addressed in internal builds.

WalkScape Main Website Rework:

Next Steps:

  • Continued focus on resolving critical pedometer issues.
  • Encouragement to report issues on Discord, Reddit, or Portal.
  • Request for detailed information when reporting issues.
  • Once pedometer issues are resolved, attention shifts back to finishing Syrenthia update.
  • Wave 3 release timeline details to be provided after Syrenthia completion.

Closing Remarks:

  • Brief update due to flu recovery.
  • Commitment to releasing further pedometer patches.
  • Gratitude to Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee supporters for funding the game's development.
  • Encouragement for community support and staying hydrated.

DevBlog #35: Introducing New Team Member and Minor Update

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Introducing new WalkScape developer, myzozoz!

  • myzozoz joins as Not a Cult’s first developer hire.
  • Background in programming and previously worked as Lead Programmer at Latchback Games.
  • Excited to be part of the WalkScape community and eager to contribute.

What does this mean for WalkScape?

  • Scaling up the company is complete.
  • New office space rented.
  • myzozoz selected from over 400 applicants due to his software and indie game development experience, location, language, and compatibility.
  • Focus on onboarding myzozoz with tasks like:
    • Reworking the WalkScape website.
    • Improving the WalkScape Portal.

Android pedometer update

When is the update going live?

  • New update expected to be completed by next week.
  • Significant changes in pedometer and local data saving.
  • Important note: Unclaimed steps will be lost when the update goes live. At least 24 hours notice will be given before the update.

Closing Remarks

  • Excitement about the progress and positive effects of having a new developer and office space.
  • Thanks to Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee supporters for funding the development.
  • Encouragement to support the game if enjoyed.
  • Reminder to stay hydrated and keep walking.

DevBlog #34: Syrenthia, Interview(s), and Current Progress

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Interview with Eric

Improving Work-Life Balance

  • Concerns raised by the community about the developer's work-life balance.
  • Rented a small office room named "Not a Cult" to improve work environment.
  • Office overlooks the historic Arabia ceramics factory.
  • Offers unlimited coffee and includes an ice cube machine.
  • Image of Not a Cult's Office

Syrenthia Update

  • Planned release in two months.
  • Upcoming updates to address pedometer issues and balancing.
  • New underwater realm with multiple locations, activities, recipes, and items.
  • Addition of two new service types: barber and wardrobe.
  • Introduction of a new bank, achievements, consumables, realm reputation.
  • Friends system and job boards are being considered.
  • Focus on enhancing progression options and opportunities for players.

Post-Syrenthia Plans

  • Immediate focus on Friends system and Job boards if not included in the Syrenthia update.
  • Next update to implement Quality of Life (QoL) improvements, including WalkPedia.
  • WalkPedia designed to aid both new and veteran players with information, statistics, and a collection log system.

Hiring Process

  • Interviewing four candidates for the additional developer role.
  • Onboarding a new developer expected to accelerate the development of new features.
  • Anticipation of scaling up the game development with the support from Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee contributors.

Current Progress

  • Achievements system nearly complete with a few items left to finalize the reward track.
  • Work initiated on the pedometer fix, testing to begin internally this week.
  • Around 40 unique achievements added, some offering special rewards.
  • Introduction of a new leaderboard for achievement points.
  • Collectibles also provide achievement points, encouraging players to find them all.

Closing Remarks

  • Excitement about the progress and scaling of things behind the scenes.
  • Emphasis on improving work-life balance for long-term sustainability.
  • Hope for an amazing week and see the community in two weeks.
  • Encouragement to stay hydrated and keep walking.

DevBlog #33: Hiring, WalkScape map tool, Android pedometer and upcoming features

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WalkScape Map Tool

  • Developed by falarikae from the community.
  • A world map tool to plan walks: WalkScape Map
  • Includes filters for different in-game services and activities.
  • Open source and hosted by the developer.

Android Pedometer

  • New step-counting method deployed for Android devices.
  • Challenges:
    • Need for unrestricted battery permission on Android 12 devices.
    • Increased battery consumption on Google Pixels.
  • Goals:
    • Compatibility with A10 and possibly A9 devices.
    • Independent functioning without Google Fit.
    • Low battery usage when the game is closed.
    • Minimal setup and permissions.
    • Removal of foreground process and sticky notification.
  • Ongoing improvements and testing, main focus on adding new game features.

New Features

  • Achievements feature nearing completion.
  • Working on consumables and new content.
  • Future plans include adding Friends, Parties, and trading to the game.
  • Trading will undergo extensive internal testing.


  • Looking to hire a second full-time developer.
  • Required skills:
    • Two years of experience with Dart & Flutter.
    • One year of experience with React.js.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Game development experience (preferably professional).
  • Plus traits:
    • Located in a similar timezone (UTC+2).
    • Passionate about the game.
  • Apply via email: or LinkedIn.

Closing Remarks

  • Development focus on expanding the game due to player feedback.
  • Some Quality of Life (QoL) improvements and bug fixes will be added in each update.
  • Next DevBlog in two weeks.

DevBlog #32: Wave two launches, patch incoming and answering some feedback

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Wave Two Launch:

  • Wave two of the game started last week with a significant increase in player count.
  • The launch has been successful in testing the game's infrastructure under increased load.

Statistics Since Wave Two Launch:

  • Total steps, actions, and resources gained by players.
  • Specific achievements and milestones reached by players since the launch.

Upcoming Patch:

  • A fix for a bug causing players to load their entire step history.
  • Rework of the Android pedometer to prevent step loss on updates or phone restarts.
  • Plans to optimize long wait times during game launch and implement other fixes.


  • Acknowledgment of feedback received and plans to address two primary concerns:
    • Early game requiring too much attention.
    • Active gameplay components being underdeveloped.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Plans to offer two tutorial options to cater to different player preferences.
  • Introducing a travel+1 queue and optional notifications to improve gameplay experience.

Active Gameplay Components:

  • Overview of planned features including friends system, world events, guilds, trading, quests, farming, combat, and more.
  • Challenges faced due to limited development resources and plans to scale up with community support.


Closing Remarks:

  • Gratitude towards the community for support, testing, and feedback.
  • Encouragement for players to continue participating in wave two.
  • Reminder of the game's availability until March 31st and options for access.