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Simplified Core Gameplay Loop

Walk for In-Game Progress

In WalkScape, in-game progress happens as you step in real life. Steps are counted by the pedometer on your phone and applied in real time to the game.

The core gameplay loop revolves around selecting a skill activity (e.g. chopping pine logs, ocean fishing, crafting iron axes, traveling to another location in the game), and taking a certain number of steps to complete that action. Once you complete an action, you gain materials, coins, and if you are lucky - even chests or other rare drops. Your character then begins the action again if it is possible. This continues until you select a new activity in-game.

If it is no longer possible to continue your action in-game (e.g. you run out of materials, you reach your destination in-game, etc.) and you are still taking steps in real life, there is a small buffer called Saved Steps (sometimes also referred to as the "Step Bank") that will become charged. Once you select a new activity, one step from the step bank will apply to your current activity for each step you take in life. So, if you stored 3000 steps in the step bank by being idle in-game, the next 3000 steps in real life will be doubled in-game. The Saved Steps are a limited resource whose size grows with character level, so it's best to pay attention to how long you can do various activities.


There are 9 skills in the WalkScape: Agility, Carpentry, Cooking, Crafting, Foraging, Fishing, Mining, Smithing and Woodcutting. Head over to the skills page to learn more. Skills are trained by activities in game.

Character Level

In addition to skills, your account has an overall Character Level. This level describes the total number of steps you have taken over your account lifetime, and is important for some types of overall account progression such as unlocking toolbelt slots and increasing the saved steps maximum.


There are many types of items in WalkScape:

  • Crafted. These are typically obtained mainly by crafting them yourself or buying one that's been crafted by someone else.
  • Loot. You can gain loot from shops, chests, dead enemies, randomly from some activities, quest rewards and so forth.
  • Equipment. Is divided up into gear and tools, that can be equipped to your character. They will be either Crafted or Loot themselves too.
  • Material. They're what's used to craft other items. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Consumables. They're things like potions and food which can be consumed to heal yourself or to gain a buff.
  • Treasury. They do not need an inventory space and can be opened. These contain other items.
  • Quest. These don't need an inventory space and are used in quests to progress.
  • Collectibles. These do not take up inventory space and are always with your character.


The Closed Beta Test will contain 50 achievements. Getting half of the achievement points in the game will earn the player a Cape of Half-Achiever, and getting all of the achievement points will earn the player the Cape of Achiever.

Full Gameplay Loop

Full Gameplay Loop