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The skills shown on the character screen with their respective levels for the character being played.

There are currently 9 skills in WalkScape.

All skills in WalkScape are trained through taking steps in the real world. Each step contributes to an action, and completing actions grants experience to the corresponding skill.

Skills start at level 1 and through leveling progression can be leveled up until level 99, where they will only gain experience in the skill but no further levels.

The Total Level represents the sum of all of the current levels a character has.

There is also a Character Level that is a "pure" representation of how much you've walked in total. There are no modifiers that can affect it. This level can affect character unlocks like larger saved step amounts and additional toolbelt slots.

For activities involving two skills, the player is only eligible to earn chests in skills that have actual level requirements.

When performing an activity for a skill, only the primary skill is factored in for the player's equipment bonuses, the "2nd Skill" will also be affected by the equipment attributes based toward the "1st Skill" (IE: +1 Exp will apply to the "2nd Skill" as well).

The Progression Tree of Using Skills to Gather and Transform Materials


Skill Uses
Agility Traveling across the world and accessing shortcuts.
Carpentry Woodworking for turning logs into planks for crafting.
Cooking Recipe based skill that turns raw materials into consumables.
Crafting For turning transformed materials into final usable crafted items.
Fishing Catching fish to use as raw materials, primarily in cooking.
Foraging Gathering plants as raw materials for use in crafting and cooking.
Mining Mines ore based raw materials for use in smithing.
Smithing Turns ores into bars for use in crafting.
Woodcutting Cuts down trees for their logs as materials for carpentry.

Skill Types


These skills involve collecting raw materials endlessly without needing resources of their own.

Fishing, Foraging, Mining, Woodcutting


These skills typically require raw materials for use in recipes to create new materials, consumables, or equipment.

Carpentry, Cooking, Crafting, Smithing


These skills mainly provide aid toward other actions or have special benefits otherwise.