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What is the release date for WalkScape?
The Closed Beta Test is currently ongoing. Open Beta could release late this year. While full release isn't thought to be until 2025+.
How do I sign-up for the Closed Beta?
If you are interested in participating in the closed beta test, make an account on the WalkScape Portal, then apply through your account for a chance of being selected as a participant in an upcoming wave. You can guarantee a spot in the next wave by supporting WalkScape via Patreon or Buy Me A Coffee in any amount for just one payment.
How will the game register that a player walks?
The game uses your device's step sensor data. Each modern phone these days track your steps automatically, and the game currently uses that data to determine how many steps you've gained. Later on, it is planned to also include syncing with Apple Health and Google Fit so that smart watches are also something you could use to gain steps in-game and are a top priority to get implemented.
Will there be a bike mode?
The Devs have talked about this internally, and they are totally for this idea eventually. Conversion rate would still be made so cycling or other activities are not superior to walking.
What type of activities will WalkScape include?
WalkScape will include skill activities like woodcutting, fishing, and farming, which require users to travel to different locations and complete tasks such as cutting trees or fishing, and each task will cost a set amount of steps.
On what platforms will WalkScape be released?
WalkScape will be available on Android and iOS platforms.
Are you guys in search of translators?
The Devs appreciate translation help! You can let them know you are interested on Discord. Most of this is crowdsourced, because as a small team, it would be quite a lot of organizing to make it any other way.
Is there a place I can ask a specific question?
The fastest way to get a question answered right now is through Discord. However asking on Reddit or on the Portal works as well!
Is there somewhere I can look for troubleshooting?
There is a basic troubleshooting guide on the sidebar of the wiki for help! We always recommend coming to the Discord for particular issues however!

Gameplay Related

Where can I get Fishing line?
You can find these for sale at the Frosthook Emporium fishing store in Port Skildar in Jarvonia, sold in quantities of 100 daily for 3 coins each.
Where can I find Maple Trees?
You can find them in Mangrove Forest of the GDTE, which will require the Jarvonian Letter of Passage - purchased for 4.5K coins at the Fort of Permafrost (castle) within the Fort of Permafrost in Jarvonia. You can cut them for maple logs with level 30 Woodcutting.
Why does it take (Very Large Number) of Steps to complete this action?
Your inventory is probably over-filled (29+/28 slots). If the number in your inventory is displayed in RED, then you will need to either bank the excess items or drop them (losing them forever) so that the number is back under your limit and the amount of steps required is not penalized. Please note that this penalty does not affect traveling.
Why I can't use this route between Kallaheim and Frostbite mountain?
This is an Agility Shortcut that requires 30 Agility to gain access to using. A great step saver for gathering large amounts of coal!
Where can I find better crafting equipment?
Right now, better equipment is found via chests that can be found by training the main skill involved. (IE: Do crafting activities to find crafting equipment.)
Can I wear 2 of the same ring?
Yes, you can wear 2 of the same ring with no penalty.
Are +% on equipment additive or multiplicative?
These are multiplicative. You can see more on how equipment attributes are calculated for each one specifically with examples under the attributes page.
Why is level 50 called early game? Is it not just over halfway to 99?
WalkScape follows the same leveling formula as RuneScape - level 92 is actually just half of the experience needed to get to level 99. So level 50 in a skill is still actually quite early on for a player and they will have much to do before they get it all the way to level 99.