Grand Duchy of Trellin-Erdwise (GDTE)

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The Grand Duchy of Trellin-Erdwise, GDTE for short, extends east from Jarvonia and north from Wallisia. The GDTE is most recognized for its swamplands and hardy people. They have perfected swamp survival.

The GDTE divided in facing a current crisis, is a land of diverse natural beauty and challenges. The marshlands of Trellin and the coastal ports in Erdwise, are both sources of beauty and danger. The people of Trellin-Erdwise are defined by their pride and greed. The old arena ruins has PvE content, and the broader area has a large variety of activities.

To access this region, players will need to acquire a Jarvonian Letter of Passage.


Labeled map of GDTE

Urban Areas

Other areas




The GDTE was historically made up of two duchies, Trellin and Erdwise, which were joined during the several conflicts that occurred prior to the construction of the Arena. The two dukes reign as a diarchy after the merger. With the unification of Trellin and Erdwise, the people in this region enjoyed a period of stability and peace.

Government and politics

Trellin is administered from Granfiddich, while Erdwise is governed from Bilgemont. There is some debate in GDTE because Erdwise is immensely wealthy due to its extensive trade with the wizards of Ewerethien via its two ports (Bilgemont and Blackspell).

The major narrative of GDTE will revolve around the disparity between the two duchies. There could be a lot more going on than you think. Trellin's people, who are comparatively less well-off, are becoming resentful of Erdwise and its wealth.

The situation between Trellin and Erdwise had become increasingly tense, as the people of Trellin resented the wealth and power of their neighbors. Word spread through Granfiddich's taverns about tales of opulence from Erdwise, prompting new aspirations among some to overthrow them. Meanwhile, rumors continued to circulate about the lucrative deals that had been made between Erdwise and Ewerethien mages.

In light of this unrest, the two dukes met in private to discuss a way forward. Knowing full well that a conflict could destabilize both countries, they agreed to try and find a diplomatic solution first. To this end, they invited representatives from both sides to gather at the Arena in Middlecrest to attempt mediation.

The stage was set for a war that would decide not only who was ruler over these states but also what kind of realm would emerge from its ashes: one open to shared prosperity, or one that is driven by greed?



There is a sizable halfling population in the GDTE. This halfling population brought with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly in the areas of agriculture and engineering.