From The Walkscape Walkthrough
The toolbelt interface.

The Tools tab shows all the tools that the player is wielding on their toolbelt. The toolbelt serves a few purposes in WalkScape. Firstly, it simplifies inventory management by keeping tools neatly organized and separate from your main inventory bag, preventing clutter. Additionally, it ensures you won't accidentally leave your tools behind in your bank or elsewhere, as they'll always be conveniently stored in your toolbelt.

Tools function quite similarly to gear, but instead of having one slot for each type of gear (like helmets, pants, or shoes), your toolbelt can accommodate any item that serves as a tool. The only limitation is that you can't equip two of the same type of tool for the same skill—no fishing with two fishing rods! This restriction helps to avoid creating overpowered combos, as all buffs gained from tools in the toolbelt are active. Items stored in your toolbelt won't take up space in your inventory bag.

When you start the game, you'll have only three slots for tools. As you progress, you can unlock three more slots by increasing your Character Level to levels 20, 50, and 80.

Most skills will require you to have a particular type of tool on your toolbelt. For example, you can't engage in woodcutting if you don't have an axe in your toolbelt. While tools make your work much more efficient, they're also essential for performing certain activities in the game.