Cape of Achiever

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Cape of Achiever
Cape of Achiever Sprite
Type: Loot
Slot: Cape
Value: N/A
Tradable: No
Sellable: No
Droppable: No

The rose-colored cape sparks interest in anyone who witnesses it. The owner of the cape has fulfilled what others only dream of.

The Cape of Half-Achiever item is given as a reward for completing achievements.

Item Attributes

+2.0 Inventory Space
Global -5.0 Steps Required
Global +20.0% Work Efficiency
Global +20.0 Crafting Outcome
Global +2.0 Bonus Experience
Global +35.0% Fine Material Finding


Have Frameless 145 Achievement Points (100.0% of Total)

Item Sources


Source Type Amount Quantity
Frameless Achievement Reward Total Progress Unlock 100% of Total Achievement Points 1

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".