Cut Willow Trees

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Cut Willow Trees

The wide trunks of these willows are proving to be a challenge, but with your skillful and powerful swings you manage to topple them one by one.

Cut Willow Trees Cut Willow Trees is a Woodcutting activity located in the Mangrove Forest and Warrenfield.

Activity Info

Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s) Exp Base Steps Base Exp/Step Base Total Exp/Step Min Steps Max Exp/Step Total Max Exp/Step Notes
Cut Willow Trees Mangrove Forest, Warrenfield Woodcutting 40 50 58 0.862 0.862 31 1.613 1.613 Requires a Woodcutting Hatchet, Requires GDTE Access

Normal Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value
Single (Stack)
Willow Logs 1 100% Always 4 (4)

Special Drops

Item Type Quantity Chance Rate
Woodcutting Chests Chest 1 0.4% ~ 1 in 250
Bird Nests Chest 1 0.4% ~ 1 in 250


This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".