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Collectibles are special items that require no inventory space and get added automatically once found under your Character icon > Achievements > Special Items > Collectibles. If they have an effect, it will be applied permanently to your character. They cannot be sold or stack once obtained, so obtaining more than one gives no benefits. When obtained from an activity, they drop from their own table, and thus do not take away other drop opportunities.

Name Location Effect Note
99-Year-Old Wine Wine Grape Stomping None 0.050% Chance
Ancient Ankh Spelunking +1.0% Work Efficiency while Mining
+1.0% Work Efficiency while Agility
0.070% Chance
Artificial Snowflake Treasure Hunt +1.0% Double Rewards while Foraging
0.003% Chance
Black Eye Peak Wilderness Permit Adventurers' Guild Outpost Unlocks Black Eye Peak Access 100
Blue Lotus Butterfly Butterfly Catching +1.0% Work Efficiency while Foraging
+1.0% Work Efficiency while Agility
0.050% Chance
Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Global +1.0% Find Collectibles
0.024% Chance
Expedition Journal Glacier Foraging +1.0% Work Efficiency while Foraging
0.050% Chance
Floating Coral Treasure Hunt +2.0% Fine Material Finding while Fishing
0.121% Chance
Jarvonian Crossword Puzzle Frostbite Mountain Mining Copper, Tin, and Iron Ore Global +1.0% Bonus Experience
0.100% Chance
Jarvonian Letter of Passage Fort of Permafrost (Castle) Unlocks GDTE Access 4,500
Mysterious Northern Map Adventurers' Guild Outpost Unlocks Winter Waves Glacier Access 100
Old War Sword Magnet Fishing None 0.090% Chance
Petrified Branch Treasure Hunt None 0.840% Chance
Silver Pocket Watch Tinkering None 0.100% Chance
Soup Kitchen Badge Soup Kitchen Volunteering +1.0% Bonus Experience while Cooking
0.050% Chance
Tiny Swan Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpting None 0.100% Chance
Treasure Hunter Token Treasure Hunt Global +2.0% Find Collectibles
0.006% Chance
Western Continent Boat Pass Achievement Points None Frameless 80 Achievement Points
Wooden Carved Bear Figurine Wood Carving None 0.100% Chance

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".