Glacier Foraging

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Glacier Foraging

You search far and wide through the empty glacier. You learn a lot about yourself, but is there anything here to find?

Glacier Foraging Glacier Foraging is a Foraging activity located in the Winter Waves Glacier.
This activity is eligible to drop Foraging Chests and Agility Chests.
This activity can drop the Expedition Journal Collectible.

Activity Info

Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s) Exp Base Steps Base Exp/Step Base Total Exp/Step Min Steps Max Exp/Step Total Max Exp/Step Notes
Glacier Foraging Winter Waves Glacier Foraging 30 198 208 0.952 1.154 100 1.980 2.400 Requires Access to Winter Waves Glacier (MNM)
Agility 30 42 0.202 0.420

Normal Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value

Single (Stack)

Nothing N/A 99.987% ~ 1 in 1 N/A
Blue Ice Sickle 1 0.013% ~ 1 in 8000 120 (120)

Special Drops

Item Type Quantity Chance Rate
Expedition Journal Collectible 1 0.050% ~ 1 in 2000