Mine Tarsilium Ore

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Mine Tarsilium Ore

In your venture to mine tarsilium ore, the deep, echoing chambers of the earth become your canvas, and the discovery of each new vein feels like unearthing a piece of history.

Mine Tarsilium Ore Mine Tarsilium Ore is a Mining activity located in Sanguine Hills.
This activity is eligible to drop Mining Chests.

Activity Info

Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s) Exp Base Steps Base Exp/Step Base Total Exp/Step Min Steps Max Exp/Step Total Max Exp/Step Notes
Mine Tarsilium Ore Sanguine Hills Mining 40 58 90 0.644 0.644 48 1.208 1.208 Requires a Pickaxe, Requires level 35 Agility for the Shortcut

Normal Drops

Main Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value
Single (Stack)
Tarsilium Ore 1 100% Always 3 (3)

Gem Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value
Single (Stack)
Nothing N/A 98.000% ~ 1 in 1 N/A
Opal 1 1.538% ~ 1 in 65 42 (42)
Star Pearl 1 0.462% ~ 1 in 216 44 (44)

Special Drops

Item Type Quantity Chance Rate
Nothing N/A N/A 100% Always