Sunken Chests

From The Walkscape Walkthrough

Sunken Chests are rare 1/250 drops while doing the Seashell Searching activity. These Chests are an additional unique chest that can be gained alongside the normal skill based Foraging Chests. Unlike most chests Sunken Chests only receive three rolls for loot when opened.


These are the sub-tables for the various items that can come from these chests. These chests undergo 3 loot rolls.

Please note that the chances for loot are based off of the individual rolls and not the total amount given by a chest itself.

Main Table - 73.36%
Item Quantity Chance Value
Raw Jellyfish 5-7 36.68% 3 (15-21)
Raw Lobster 5-7 36.68% 4 (20-28)
Money - 21.64%
Item Quantity Chance Value
Coins 25-35 21.64% 1 (25-35)
- 5%
Item Quantity Chance Value
Gold Pan 1 5% 13

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".