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The world of WalkScape is called Arenum. There is a lot going on in the ten regions of the world. Within each region, there are many activities and points of interest to consider such as:

  • Cities. Here you can visit NPC shops, refine your materials by using services like a forge, take on quests and so on.
  • Towns. Smaller than cities, but usually have similar features.
  • Forests. Foraging, woodcutting, hunting and combat options are usually available.
  • Mines. Mining and cave fishing options.
  • Dungeons. Usually contains lots of combat stuff.
  • Mountains. Mining and agility training options. Also might have combat and foraging options.
  • Beach/lake/river. Fishing options, limited woodcutting and foraging options.
  • And more!

World Map

Please see the Interactive World Map for a option that allows full map information from in-game!
The Detailed Map of Arenum - Highlighted with Regions
The In-Game Pixel Art Map of Arenum



Jarvonia, a land of ice and darkness, ruled by a powerful religious brotherhood, is an independent realm of hardy people united by their unwavering faith and fierce determination to survive. Despite the harsh winters and isolation, they find strength and protection through their religion, their hearts burning bright against the cold.

Grand Duchy of Trellin-Erdwise

The Grand Duchy of Trellin-Erdwise (GDTE), divided in facing a current crisis, is a land of diverse natural beauty and challenges. The marshlands of Trellin and the coastal ports in Erdwise, are both sources of beauty and danger. The people of Trellin-Erdwise are defined by their pride and greed.

  • It connects the continent to Ewerethien . The old arena ruins has PvE content, and has a large variety of activities.

Empire of Wallisia

Wallisia is a land of abundance and power. The Empress, a descendant of a great warrior, commands an army that has conquered the continent, leaving only Jarvonia untouched. The green grasslands are the heart of the whole continent, providing bountiful harvests as well as resources that fuel the empire's industrial and military capacities. The empire boasts the largest population in the continent, and the people are proud of their strength and power.

  • Wallisia hosts a Player-vs-Player arena, has fertile soil ripe for farming, and works as the main hub of the game.


Galeforge is a city of innovation and progress, conquered by the might Empire of Wallisia. Nestled between Wallisia and the archipelago, it is a place where technology and industry flourish. The people of Galeforge are ambitious and driven, constantly pushing boundaries of what's possible. The city is a bustling metropolis, where factories hum with activity and the streets are lined with merchants selling the latest innovations.

  • Galeforge grants access to a mysterious Archipelago, has high-tech innovation for sale, and hosts a variety of crafting opportunities.


Wrentmark is a realm forged by fire, where the scorching sun beats down upon the desert sands. The people of Wrentmark are a proud and hardy lot, who have thrived in this harsh environment for ages. Wrentmark is a land of untold riches, where precious gems and minerals are mined from the earth and traded across the land. The people of Wrentmark are master merchants, their skills honed through centuries of commerce.

  • Wrentmark is a great place to mine minerals and gems, has a large variety of NPC shops, and hosts multiple guilds.

Painful Islands

The Painful Islands, a realm born out of tragedy and love. Created from the shattered remains of the Mana Deep Mountain, these desolate islands are home to monsters. But in the midst of this chaos lies a glimmer of hope. The Painful Islands may be a realm of terror, but is also a realm of determination and the relentless pursuit of redemption.

  • The Painful Islands are fantastic for combat focused players as it is filled with PvE content and dungeons. It is also home to special grotesque resources.


Ewerthien, a realm of mystic wonder and arcane power. The land is blessed with magic, teeming with enchanted flora and fauna. The city of Academica stands tall, a beacon of knowledge and mastery of the arcane arts. A council of powerful mages, chosen for their skill and wisdom, rule from the heights of Whitescar Tower and drive forward their pursuit of greatness, enlightenment and research.

  • Ewerethien is home to the Mage's Guild, making it the ideal place to learn to use magic and gather magical items.


The rocky isle of Braemercia, home of the dwarves, rises from the tumultuous seas. For eons, the dwarves have delved deep into the earth, unearthing treasures untold from the Ironmouth Mine. But even the dwarves' unbroken spirit could not withstand the mages, who in their thirst for magrium, enslaved Bramercia's people and plundered the Ironmouth Mine.

  • Braemercia's deep mines contain high-end ores, has an NPC guild for miners, and hosts a variety of dwarven smiths who sell special items.

Rid Raddak

The lush jungles of Rid Raddak, the land of the elves, give way to the warm sands of the south. Once conquerors of the land, they now defend it against the monstrous hordes that threaten to overrun their realm. Though their cities may be in ruins, the spirit of the elves remains unbroken. The elves protect their home at all costs.

  • Rid Raddak is a huge continent with lots of content. Its Twilight Keep is a great place for PvE activities, mostly geared towards high level players.