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Galeforge is a major attraction of Wallisia, located on the southeastern most part of the western continent. Galeforge is a city of innovation and progress, conquered by the might Empire of Wallisia. Nestled between Wallisia and the archipelago, it is a place where technology and industry flourish. The people of Galeforge are ambitious and driven, constantly pushing boundaries of what's possible. The city is a bustling metropolis, where factories hum with activity and the streets are lined with merchants selling the latest innovations.


  • Urban Areas
    • Galeforge
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Galeforge was formerly an independent city state that ruled over the huge archipelago. Galeforge is extremely wealthy because of the vast richness of the islands, yet it has always lived under the shadow of the Ethereal.

Galeforge's scenery, in addition to the amazingly beautiful city, is the archipelago, which might be better avoided due to the Ethereals living inside the Celestial Rim. Ethereals are sort of demi-gods in the world of Arenum, who don't want to be disturbed and may attack anyone who invades their space. Ethereals have always been respected by Galeforges people, although they do not usually intervene in human affairs.

Government and politics

Galeforge had a large army before the Empress's father conquered it, and its city is designed like a fortress. Galeforge's major plot will center around learning more about the Ethereals and what's truly going on in the Archipelago. It might even provide insight into why the Ethereals have chosen to remain silent and aloof and what it will take for them to reveal their true intentions.