Empire of Wallisia

From The Walkscape Walkthrough

The Empire of Wallisia is located south of the GDTE and hosts the capital for the entirety of the Western Continent of Arenum. It operates as the main hub of the game.

It is a land of abundance and power. The Empress, a descendant of a great warrior, commands an army that has conquered the continent, leaving only Jarvonia untouched. The green grasslands are the heart of the whole continent, providing bountiful harvests as well as resources that fuel the empire's industrial and military capacities. The empire boasts the largest population in the continent, and the people are proud of their strength and power.


  • Urban Areas
    • Bethlemore (Wrentmark region)
    • Blackrane
    • Dire Town
    • Dryhear Town
    • Galeforge (Galeforge region)
    • Middlecrest
    • Myriadian Arc (Wrentmark region)
    • Saffronvault
    • Stillview Harbor
    • Vassalmouth
  • Other areas
    • Blackwater Lake
    • Burning Plains
    • Cerebereth Mountains
    • Goblinteenth Heights
    • Kildome Cross
    • Middlecrest Woods
    • Midnight Lake
    • Mountainfall Cove
    • Pillar Mountains
    • Southern Hope Beach




Arenum's timeline can be divided into two parts: before the Arena and after it.

Prior to the Arena, the population, particularly in the West, was constantly at war. After the Wallisians conquered Wrentmark, Galeforge, and GDTE, the reigning emperor decided to construct the arena as a memorial to his victory but also as a sign of future wars being resolved in a different, although still violent, manner. The Arena provided a place where two or more parties could settle their grievances without involving the general population.

Arena is still very popular in the West, and it is also frequented by fighters and spectators from all of the other fantasy races in the East. There is also a period of calm and stability. The Arena has been seen as a symbol of unity in a region previously divided by war and animosity.

Government and politics

The Empress currently rules Wallisia. The Empress is already old, and Wallisia's main story will be about the succession issue she thinks will occur after her death. She wants to maintain the empire intact, which may be impossible if a severe crisis happens. GDTE, Wrentmark, and Galeforge may seek independence once more. She has three sons: oldest one feels that he is destined to join the religion in Jarvonia, and then the younger twins might battle for the throne, making the whole succession process a disaster.

The aged Empress of Wallisia was feeling her mortality and the impending end of her reign. Her ailing heart weighed heavy with the knowledge that she had to find a solution to keep her empire from collapsing in chaos after her death. With multiple factions tensions escalating, she knew it would be difficult.

The Empress had three sons: an eldest whose curiosity for the religion in Jarvonia had shifted his interests away from taking the throne; then there was a set of younger twins who each coveted the title of emperor. The siblings' rivalry for the crown caused a palpable tension within the palace walls.

What was to become of the Empress and her vast empire? The looming succession crisis that hung over the royal family was feared to have only one resolution: a massacre that would end any hopes of preserving her father's dynasty.