The Icy Goblet

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The Icy Goblet
The Icy Goblet

At the Icy Goblet Tavern, legends melt into reality as frosty drinks flow freely, and the air is filled with the laughter of adventurers sharing their frozen exploits.

The Icy Goblet
The Icy Goblet

The Icy Goblet is a shop located in the region of Jarvonia in the city of Kallaheim. It is home to Runa Norrberga.


Name Stock Price
Beer Sprite Beer 25 10
Wine Sprite Wine 10 35
Berries Sprite Berries 5 8
Cooked Shrimp Sprite Cooked Shrimp 5 9


  • Despite what Runa says as you enter the shop you cannot currently pet the cat.
  • As mentioned by maxchill during a stream, the cats are appropriately named "Fire" and "Ice".
  • The words "FIRE" and "ICE" can also be found hidden on some pieces of furniture.