Runa Norrberga

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Runa Norrberga
Runa Norrberga

Runa is the lively tavern owner who insists that all patrons share a moment with her beloved cat Icicle while enjoying their drinks.

Runa Norrberga is an NPC who can be found at The Icy Goblet in Kallaheim.


  • "Hail, traveler! You've stumbled upon the Icy Goblet Tavern, a haven of merriment amidst the icy wastes. Oh, and before you get too cozy, say hello to our purring protector."
  • "Well met, wanderer! The Icy Goblet welcomes all, whether you seek respite, revelry, or a roaring good time. What can I pour for you today?"
  • "Ho, adventurer! In the Icy Goblet, we celebrate warmth, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of Jarvonia. Take a seat, and let's make this night one to remember!"
  • "Hello, brave soul! As you enter the Icy Goblet, know that you've found a place of frosty cheer and hearty spirits. What brings you to our cozy corner of the world today?"