Northstar Mercantile

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Northstar Mercantile
Northstar Mercantile

The Northstar Mercantile thrives in its current location, many people are often seen arriving and departing. The hearth upon the far wall crackles softly, and the goods for sale line the shelves neatly.

Northstar Mercantile
Northstar Mercantile

Northstar Mercantile is a shop located in the region of Jarvonia in the city of Centaham. It is home to Maia Yalestrom.


Name Stock Price
Bronze Pickaxe Sprite Bronze Pickaxe 3 63
Bronze Hatchet Sprite Bronze Hatchet 3 94
Copper Hatchet Sprite Copper Hatchet 3 42
Copper Pickaxe Sprite Copper Pickaxe 3 28
Simple Hammer Sprite Simple Hammer 3 54
Simple Chisel Sprite Simple Chisel 3 37
Simple Saw Sprite Simple Saw 3 46
Simple Pan Sprite Simple Pan 3 52
Simple Gold Pan Sprite Simple Gold Pan 3 56
Simple Wrench Sprite Simple Wrench 3 42
Name Stock Price
Pine Plank Sprite Pine Plank 20 16
Birch Plank Sprite Birch Plank 40 9
Name Stock Price
Simple Amulet Sprite Simple Amulet 1 53

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