Helpful Herbert's Hut

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Helpful Herbert's Hut
Helpful Herbert's Hut

A humble cottage rests within the Disenchanted Forest, several tree stumps and a man sitting at an outside table with two chairs are present. He seems to be examining a chessboard upon the table.

Helpful Herbert's Hut
Helpful Herbert's Hut

Helpful Herbert's Hut is a shop and home located in the region of Jarvonia in the Disenchanted Forest. It is home to Helpful Herbert.


Name Stock Price
Stone Sprite Stone 6 0
Wooden Stick Sprite Wooden Stick 6 0
Rope Sprite Rope 3 0
Name Stock Price
Herbert's Hat Sprite Herbert's Hat 1 14
Herbert's Cape Sprite Herbert's Cape 1 14
Herbert's Shirt Sprite Herbert's Shirt 1 14
Herbert's Pants Sprite Herbert's Pants 1 14
Herbert's Boots Sprite Herbert's Boots 1 14


  • Herbert's Hut can be "raided" for free materials daily. Although he only gives a free tool under guidance, once.

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".