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Routes are paths between two points of interest on the game map. The distances below are all the unmodified distances. The distance for any given character will be a little different depending on your agility level and equipment that give boosts to the Traveling (Mechanics). Note that all paths are symmetrical and have the same distance going forward as going back.

Starting Location Ending Location Base Distance Note
Azurazera Centaham 800
Azurazera Coldington 370
Barbantok Casbrant Fields 358
Barbantok Nomad Woods 341
Beach of Woes Disenchanted Forest 160
Bilgemont Port Blackspell Port 1060
Bilgemont Port Everhaven 734
Black Eye Peak Sanguine Hills 1300 Requires the Black Eye Peak Wilderness Permit
Black Eye Peak Winter's End 565
Blackspell Port Bilgemont Port 1060
Blackspell Port Old Arena Ruins 550
Blackspell Port Red Coast 450
Casbrant Fields Barbantok 358
Casbrant Fields Centaham 280
Centaham Azurazera 800
Centaham Casbrant Fields 280
Centaham Coldington 650
Centaham Fort of Permafrost 695
Centaham Frusenholm 617
Centaham Port Skildar 550
Coldington Azurazera 370
Coldington Centaham 650
Coldington Horn of Respite 627
Coldington Port Skildar 354
Disenchanted Forest Beach of Woes 160
Disenchanted Forest Kallaheim 450
Everhaven Bilgemont Port 734
Everhaven Salsfirth 927
Farsand Coast Salsfirth 450
Fort of Permafrost Centaham 695
Fort of Permafrost Noiseless Pass 229 Requires the Jarvonian Letter of Passage
Frostbite Mountain Kallaheim 890 Requires an Agility level of at least 30
Frostbite Mountain Norsack Plains 650
Frusenholm Centaham 617
Frusenholm Kallaheim 840
Frusenholm Norsack Plains 872
Granfiddich Mangrove Forest 910
Granfiddich Warrenfield 944
Horn of Respite Coldington 627
Horn of Respite Sanguine Hills 950
Kallaheim Disenchanted Forest 450
Kallaheim Frostbite Mountain 890 Requires an Agility level of at least 30
Kallaheim Frusenholm 840
Kallaheim Norsack Plains 870
Mangrove Forest Granfiddich 910
Mangrove Forest Noiseless Pass 585
Mangrove Forest Salsfirth 300
Noiseless Pass Fort of Permafrost 229 Requires the Jarvonian Letter of Passage
Noiseless Pass Mangrove Forest 585
Nomad Woods Barbantok 341
Norsack Plains Frostbite Mountain 650
Norsack Plains Frusenholm 872
Norsack Plains Kallaheim 870
Norsack Plains Winter Waves Glacier 1080 Requires the Mysterious Northern Map
Old Arena Ruins Blackspell Port 550
Old Arena Ruins Red Coast 390
Old Arena Ruins Warrenfield 390
Port Skildar Centaham 550
Port Skildar Coldington 345
Red Coast Blackspell Port 450
Red Coast Old Arena Ruins 390
Salsfirth Everhaven 927
Salsfirth Farsand Coast 450
Salsfirth Mangrove Forest 300
Sanguine Hills Black Eye Peak 1300 Requires the Black Eye Peak Wilderness Permit
Sanguine Hills Horn of Respite 950
Warrenfield Granfiddich 944
Warrenfield Old Arena Ruins 390
Winter Waves Glacier Norsack Plains 1080 Requires the Mysterious Northern Map
Winter's End Black Eye Peak 565

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".