From The Walkscape Walkthrough

A stout and hefty dwarf seems to be standing behind the counter upon a stool. His face holds several freshly healing scars, and his beard seems to be quite singed as well. Surrounding him is an assortment of skis, frisbees, and many other types of sports related equipment.


JarvoJoy is a shop located in the region of Jarvonia in the city of Frusenholm. It is home to Balunn Brimstone.


Name Stock Price
Clay Frisbee Sprite Clay Frisbee 5 21
Golden Frisbee Sprite Golden Frisbee 1 241
Birch Skis Sprite Birch Skis 10 31
Pine Skis Sprite Pine Skis 6 71
Oak Skis Sprite Oak Skis 3 89
Backpack Sprite Backpack 1 4999