Flowy Trousers

From The Walkscape Walkthrough
Flowy Trousers
Flowy Trousers Sprite
Skill(s): framelesslink=Agility Agility lvl 44
Type: Loot
Slot: Legs
Value: 22
Tradable: Yes
Sellable: Yes
Droppable: Yes

Wide where they need to be and narrow where they have to be, these pants are perfect for dangerous maneuvers among street furniture.

The Flowy Trousers item is dropped from an activity.

Item Attributes

+10.0% Work Efficiency while Agility
+10.0% Bonus Experience while Agility
+5.0% Double Action while Agility

Item Sources


Source Skill(s) Level(s) Quantity Chance
Rooftop Jumping (Intermediate) Sprite Rooftop Jumping (Intermediate) Agility 45 1 1/502 (0.20%)