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Checklist to publicity

Its a checklist so we can see what is in progress and what is done. I wish it worked like a real checkbox, but wikitext doesn't let that happen without plug-ins. So just edit the page source when you are modifying the status of stuff

⚙️ - In progress

✅ - Completed

❓ - Up for discussion

General Housekeeping

Status Goal Link
Clean up unused templates
Remove pages from [[Category:Template]] that aren't templates
Check all templates have <noinclude>[[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>
Check all template documentation has:

<noinclude>[[Category:Templates]] [[Category:Documentation]]</noinclude>

Figure out if it is possible to add modules to the [[Category:Modules]] page [[Category:Modules]]
Figure out other templates that are missing and add them here (e.g. Staff:Checklist#Shop Templates is missing

Module Mamajama

Status Goal Link
Add documentation to Percentage Calculator Module:PercentageCalculator/doc
Add a function to get shops by region Module:Shops
⚙️ Add documentation to Shops Module:Shops/doc

Item Templates

Status Goal Link
Infobox Loot Design Template:Infobox_Loot
Add Infobox Loot documentation Template:Infobox Loot/Doc
Move 'Infobox Loot' to 'Item Infobox' Template:Infobox Loot Template:Item Infobox
Item Attributes design Template:Item Attributes
Add Item Attributes documentation Template:Item Attributes/doc
Loot Intro needs to work with multiple sources Template:Loot Intro
⚙️ Add Item Intro documentation Template:Item Intro/doc
Created 'Item Intro' Template:Item Intro
Delete 'Loot Source' Template:Loot Source
~~Loot~~ Item source needs to work with multiple sources Template:Item Source
Add Item Source documentation Template:Item Source/doc
Add Item Sources template Template:Item Sources
Add Item Sources documentation Template:Item Sources/doc
Add Item Shops template Template:Item Shops
Add Item Shops documentation Template:Item Shops/doc
Add Item Creation template Template:Item Creation
Add Item Creation documentation Template:Item Creation/doc
Add Item Drops template Template:Item Drops
Add Item Drops documentation Template:Item Drops/doc
Add Item Uses template Template:Item Uses
Add Item Uses documentation Template:Item Uses/doc
Create "Item Creation Guide" N/A
Unleash the "public" to create items N/A

Shop Templates

Status Goal Link