Money Making

From The Walkscape Walkthrough

Welcome to Money Making Guides

This will be where we put community money making guides - it is very WiP due to the state of the game right now and how elements are quickly changing.

Here is a list of our current (barebones) money making guides!

Fastest way

- Cut Oak Trees in the Nomad Woods and sell them in the Woodcutter's Cabin. You will also get Bird Nests that you can sell the berries from.

Fast way

- Go Seashell Searching and sell the valuable drops. You will also get Sunken Chests that you can sell the contents of for additional coins.


- Go Mine Coal after getting the level 30 agility shortcut and sell the gems you get.


- Craft iron tier tools at a workshop and sell them. This method will give you more experience in other skills as tradeoff (it involves, mining, smithing, and crafting).