Peter Banksworth

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Peter Banksworth
Peter Banksworth

An influential individual in Jarvonia, who is known for having an attitude.

Peter Banksworth is an NPC who can be found at the Frozen Capital Bank in Kallaheim.


  • "Ah, another day, another transaction. Remember, if you're not banking with Frozen Capital, you're probably losing money somewhere else."
  • "I'll need you to provide your identification, your mother's maiden name, and the name of your childhood pet. Don't bother asking why; it's protocol."
  • "I find it imperative to inform you that our fees are non-refundable. You'll need to pay regardless of your complaints."
  • "Your account balance is your responsibility. If you overdraw, don't expect any sympathy from me."
  • "Hurry up and make your deposits, and it better not just be pine logs and fish again. I'm sick of the smell at this point."