Inventory Space (Mechanics)

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Inventory Space is an attribute that adds or removes to your maximum inventory spaces as long the item is equipped.

Your character has a base inventory space that is soft capped at 28 slots. One slot consists of a single type of item up to the maximum number of items that a stack can hold for that type of item (Materials = 25 Items/Stack, Consumables = 20 Items/Stack, Crafted Items and Equipment = 10 Items/Stack, etc.). Going over this soft cap incurs penalties for being overencumbered.

Items that have the Inventory Space attribute can increase or decrease this soft cap value allowing you to carry additional stacks of items over the normal limit without being overencumbered or causing you to be overencumbered easier.

Example of Items Granting Inventory Spaces

  1. The Backpack gives an additional +4 inventory slots.
  2. While wearing the Backpack you can carry up to 32 stacks of items without being overencumbered.
  3. If you have 31/32 slots with items in them, and you unequip the Backpack you will suddenly have 31/28 slots full and become overencumbered.
    • This can be useful for Traveling as it is unaffected by the overencumberance penalty allowing you to fill your inventory up to 32 then equip an item that benefits traveling for the trip to a bank or refinement station.

Example of Items Removing Inventory Spaces

  1. The Trekking Poles give an "additional" -2 inventory slots.
  2. While wearing the Trekking Poles you can carry up to 26 stacks of items without being overencumbered.
  3. If you have 27/26 slots with items in them and are overencumbered, and you unequip the Trekking Poles you will suddenly have 27/28 slots full and become no longer overencumbered.

This page has been updated to reflect information in game version 0.2.0-beta+292 "The Achievements Update".