Fine Material

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Fine Materials can be used in crafting recipes to help create either transformation based fine materials (ie: a 'Fine' Steel Bar) where then the fine transformation materials can then be crafted into an item/tool with a +1 scale higher chance of creating a better crafted item quality. This means the lowest quality you can craft doing this becomes "Good" and scales up a level from there for each quality tier.

Note: As of right now - all materials must be 'Fine' and selected for the craft in order to start it (see GIF on this page for reference).

Selecting Fine Materials (Iron and Coal) for usage in creating a further transformation based Fine Material (Steel bar).

Fine Materials can be found randomly when using a gathering skill and have chances of finding them improved with certain gear or tools.

They have a base rate of 1/200 to be dropped in place of the regular material.

Fine Materials will typically sell for more money to shops as well due to their increased rarity, but can also give additional experience if used in a skill to transform them.