Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate)

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Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate)

Intermediate cross-country skiing brings a sense of adventure. You tackle varied terrains with newfound confidence, each stride stronger and more assured, as you explore the vast, snow-covered expanses.

Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate) Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate) is an Agility activity located in the Noiseless Pass.
This activity is eligible to drop Agility Chests.

Activity Info

Activity Location(s) Skill(s) Level(s) Exp Base Steps Base Exp/Step Base Total Exp/Step Min Steps Max Exp/Step Total Max Exp/Step Notes
Cross-Country Skiing (Intermediate) Noiseless Pass Agility 20 172 318 0.541 0.541 199 0.864 0.864 Requires Skis

Normal Drops

Item Quantity Chance Rate Value
Single (Stack)
Nothing N/A 100% Always N/A

Special Drops

Item Type Quantity Chance Rate
Nothing N/A N/A 100% Always