Saved steps

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Saved Steps seen from the Character Screen

Saved Steps (sometimes also referred to as the "Step Bank") are where your physical steps get stored when your character is not currently doing an in-game activity and is idle.

Saved Steps are a limited resource whose max size grows with character level, so it's best to pay attention to how long you can do various skill activities so you do not remain idle for longer than your maximum saved steps allowance, as anything over that will be wasted.

If it is no longer possible to continue your action in-game (e.g. you run out of materials, you reach your destination in-game, etc) and you are still taking steps in real life, this value will increase instead. Once you select a new activity, one step from the step bank will apply to your current activity for each step you take in life. So, if you stored 3000 steps in Saved Steps by being idle in-game, the next 3000 steps in real life will be doubled in-game.

You can see the total amount of Saved Steps you currently have next to the maximum you are allowed at any time from the Character Screen. If you begin an activity, you will also see it below the current activity information.