Protective Glasses

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Protective Glasses
Protective Glasses Sprite
Skill(s): framelesslink=Carpentry Carpentry lvl 18
framelesslink=Crafting Crafting lvl 1
Type: Loot
Slot: Head
Value: 40
Tradable: Yes
Sellable: Yes
Droppable: Yes

These glasses will stop fast flying objects from injuring your eyes. Hopefully.

The Protective Glasses item can be found in a chest.

Item Attributes

+16.0% Work Efficiency while Carpentry
+16.0% Work Efficiency while Crafting
Global +10.0 Crafting Outcome
+8.0% Double Rewards while Carpentry
+8.0% Double Rewards while Crafting

Item Sources


Source Quantity Chance
Carpentry Chests 1 1/120 (0.83%)
Crafting Chests 1 1/120 (0.83%)


  • When added to the game, it was added with a typo of missing a '0' for its crafting outcome, resulting in +1 crafting outcome instead of +10.