Measuring Spoons Necklace

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Measuring Spoons Necklace
Measuring Spoons Necklace Sprite
Skill(s): framelesslink=Cooking Cooking lvl 18
Type: Loot
Slot: Neck
Value: 25
Tradable: Yes
Sellable: Yes
Droppable: Yes

Three measuring spoons are always at your disposal. Not dishwasher safe.

The Measuring Spoons Necklace item is dropped from an activity.

Item Attributes

+12.0% Chest Finding while Cooking
+4.0% No Materials Consumed while Cooking

Item Sources


Source Skill(s) Level(s) Quantity Chance
Soup Kitchen Volunteering Sprite Soup Kitchen Volunteering Cooking 10 1 1/1509 (0.07%)