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Welcome to the Walkscape Walkthrough!

WalkScape is a game heavily inspired by classic point and click MMORPGs. But instead of playing actively, you gain progress by walking in real life. It's designed to be non-intrusive, with no predatory monetization practices. By non-intrusive we mean that it will truly let you enjoy your time outside by not constantly requiring your attention. Everything that needs active involvement (like combat or quests) should be done when you get home. The main goal of the game is to make people more interested in walking by giving them an amazing gaming experience to motivate them to keep walking. And you can play it while at work, or when you are walking with friends, and while walking your dog. You can truly focus on what you are doing and do more active playing later.


Skills are leveled up while doing activities related to the skill. They unlock you new content and make you more efficient.


Items are objects that can be collected, used, or sold. They can be found in the world, bought from vendors, or crafted by players.


Locations are places in the world that can be visited. They provide services and activities for your character to engage with.


Activities are repeating tasks that can be done in the world by walking in real life. They are the main way to get items and level up your skills.


Services provide you with benefits in a location. Most commonly they enable you to do crafting.


Recipes are the way to craft items yourself. They usually require materials and a service.


Characters are the people you can meet in the world. They can give you quests, sell you items, and more.


Buildings are structures in the world that commonly provide you with shops and services such as banking.


Shops are places where you can buy and sell items. They are usually found in buildings.

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