Hat with a Feather

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Hat with a Feather
Hat with a Feather Sprite
Skill(s): framelesslink=Foraging Foraging lvl 52
Type: Loot
Slot: Head
Value: 78
Tradable: Yes
Sellable: Yes
Droppable: Yes

Its presence evokes the spirit of adventure and the allure of far-off lands, promising that wherever it's worn, tales of daring escapades are sure to follow.

The Hat with a Feather item can be found in a chest.

Item Attributes

+8.0% Double Action while Foraging
+12.0% Double Rewards while Foraging
-2.0 Steps Required while Foraging
+1.0 Bonus Experience while Foraging

Item Sources


Source Quantity Chance
Foraging Chests 1 1/2000 (0.05%)