Earth Day Cleanup

From The Walkscape Walkthrough


(Taken from Walkscape Discord Server)

The Earth Day is 22th of April, so in just a couple of days from now and we would like to celebrate it by doing a small test event. After the game is out, we would like to do similar events within the game.

WalkScape is very much related to walking outside. And while walking outside, seeing bunch of trash is quite nasty. So in the theme of Earth Day, participants of this event will be ranked based on how many garbage bags they can plog.

To participate in the event, you need to take a picture of filled bags and post it here on ⁠event or on Twitter by mentioning @WalkScape. Doing this on Twitter helps us, so if you feel like sharing this there, it would be awesome! If you do multiple plogging runs during the event, mention or link your previous entry in the most recent one, so we can follow the chain of links from the most recent one.

As a guideline, use 25L bags that are filled so that they can still be closed fully. If you use bigger bags, they don't have to be as full. That's ~6.6 gallons in imperial units.

Important: Include a note with the date and WalkScape in your pictures.

I hope to see a lot of filled up bags, let's make our neighborhoods cleaner together!


Top 1
Design a special item to WalkScape with the team and have your name in its description.
Top 3
A Profile picture made by maxchill.
Top 5
Guaranteed closed beta spot. Yeah, a juicy reward for your hard work!
1+ bags
A special Discord role to show off your efforts in this event. 5 guaranteed closed beta spots will also be randomly distributed to participants who meet this requirement.


Start Date
22.04.2023 00:00 UTC+0
End Date
29.04.2023 23:59 UTC+0


Discord name 25 liter bags
rjdunlap 126
Numismaster 109
bobcrochets 99
ThomasTuT 90
5lbsOfPez 74
Trike 63
Scizor021 40
Ness 9 19
Shion 13
Lelki 11
schamppu 11
mustyoshi 9
Lifeweaver 7
karla 6
Daxan 5
floursifter 5
humble sapien 4
mrDLSable 4
Threndsa 3
Pathitis 3
TrueAssassin 3
Ignorancia 2
pxjt 2
Flipa 2
TylerGBrooke 1
Tallzipper 1
Necria 1
maxchill 1
Len 1
boson 1
diaper 1
Milk 1
Total: 718