Catching Shrimp

From The Walkscape Walkthrough
Catching Shrimp
Fishing lvl 1
Item Types
Fishing Net
Profit Experience gained
5.85 Fishing 389
Inputs ( 0) Outputs ( 5.85)
8.33 ×  Raw Shrimp (0)

0.042 ×  Fine Raw Shrimp (0.25)

0.056 ×  Fishing Chests (5.6)

This guide assumes you are doing the default of 1000 steps per session with the base rate of 90 steps per action for this.

Raw Shrimp are not worth anything and Cooked Shrimp are only worth 1 coin, but their fine variants, Fine Raw Shrimp and Fine Cooked Shrimp have increased value that can be found at a default rate of 1/200. Due to there being technically no extra level requirements, a player should be able to obtain a Basic Fishing Net to get started directly from Helpful Herbert during the tutorial or by crafting one with the rope provided by him for free at his hut. The player can then obtain the shrimp by Sea Fishing (Net) at the Beach of Woes. Once their inventory is full, they can go nearby to Kallaheim to bank them at Frozen Capital Bank or cook them with the kitchen found there too to make them gain value. The player also has a base chance of 1/200 at finding Fishing Chests, which could give them additional items of value through their rolled materials or equipment.

It should be noted that the outputs for this guide will change when a player reaches level 30 in fishing due to being able to catch Raw Jellyfish while Sea Fishing (Net).