Magnifying Lenses

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Magnifying Lense is a banned keyword, you are allowed to have only one of these items equipped at a time.

Magnifying Lense
Magnifying Lense Sprite
Skill(s): framelesslink=Crafting Crafting lvl 36
Type: Loot
Slot: Tool
Value: 48
Keyword(s): Crafting Tools, Magnifying Lenses
Tradable: Yes
Sellable: Yes
Droppable: Yes

A tool of master crafters who seek to unlock the secrets of complex machinery and study the world at a microscopic level.

The Magnifying Lense item can be found in a chest.

Item Attributes

+5.0% Double Action while Crafting
+15.0% Bonus Experience while Crafting

Item Sources


Source Quantity Chance
Crafting Chests 1 3/800 (0.38%)