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Welcome to our Choose Your Own Adventure game channel! Here, you'll be able to explore the world of Arenum by voting on what happens next.

Each vote will last approximately 48 hours, and it's essential to be careful with your choices. While some may lead to glory, death is always a possibility. This game is an opportunity to learn about the lore of WalkScape and may even allow you to shape the world. Characters and events that happen here could appear later in the actual WalkScape game.

Sometimes a dice roll will determine if outcome of choice is a success. We'll use d20 and difficulty for success will be hinted before making a choice. Chart is here:
Easy: 4-20
Medium: 8-20
Hard: 12-20
Extreme: 18-20


Of mines and monsters (Jarvonia)

May 8th, 2023

The night sky twinkles with a myriad of bright stars, as a cold wind blows an icy breeze that chills you to the bone. In the distance, the largest citadel and capital of Jarvonia, Kallaheim, stands tall and proud, often referred to as the Hollow Light. Though it's still a few hours of marching through the deep snow, the thought of a warm bed and a full belly reinforces your will, and each step feels lighter than before.

As you draw closer to the city walls, you notice two figures engaged in a heated conversation. Despite the sound carrying well over the snow-covered field, you cannot discern what they are discussing. Their tones grow more intense until a bright flash of red illuminates the area, leaving you momentarily blinded. As your vision clears, you see no sign of the figures. Was it all just a dream, or did it really happen? The cold walls of Kallaheim stand unaffected by events, and your belly groans, reminding you of your hunger. You hear wolves howling on the horizon, reminding you that hesitating in cold, dark night is never a good idea.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Continue your way to the safety of Kallaheim's walls
πŸ‡§ Investigate the area where the two figures were talking
πŸ‡§ --

May 9th, 2023

As your curiosity overtakes your groaning belly and the howling wolves, you rush towards the spot, each step crunching on the snow. There you find a perfect circle, melted in the snow, with an amulet lying in the middle. You pick up the amulet that is shaped like five point star made from ice. The meaning of it is not known to you as you are not from these lands.

Suddenly, a growl echoes nearby, causing shivers to run down your spine. You turn around to see a lone wolf, who has chosen you as its prey on this cold, dark night. With little time to think, you must act quickly. Thankfully, you have the perfect plan.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Throw salted pork snout from your backpack (Easy)
πŸ‡§ Run to Kallaheim (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Attack the wolf with your trusty dagger (Hard)
πŸ‡© Play dead (Extreme)
πŸ‡§ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [6]

May 11th, 2023

Before you can come up with a plan, your flight instinct kicks in, and you start running towards the cold walls of Kallaheim. You throw a glance over your shoulder and see a wolf staring after you. After a few moments, it sets off in a playful chase. With the snow so deep, it's the wolf's domain, and there's no need to rush after a tasty, you-shaped rabbit. You hear its paws closing in, and suddenly, it yanks your leg. You feel a sharp pain in your calf, but the wolf releases you, licking your blood off its lips.

You're pumped with adrenaline, but you can't possibly run any faster through the deep snow. You've made it only a little closer to the walls when you spot two lit torches upon the battlements. You shout at the top of your lungs, "HELP ME!"

No answer. Your shout for help startles the wolf. It rams you from the back, making you fall flat on your face. You feel large paws stomp your back. It growls angrily and tries to go in for a bite, but luckily, you shift under its weight, and its jaws snap into your beloved backpack. It gets opened, spilling your belongings out onto the snow, including your grandma's special roasted pork snout.

The wolf can't resist the salty smell of the tasty meat. You seize the opportunity for escape. You leave your backpack behind and run through the snow towards the Kallaheims gates. You don't dare to glance back, but you know well that your grandma's cooking has saved your life.

Out of breath, bleeding, but thankful that you're alive, you reach the gates where a lone guard sits behind metal bars in the guardroom. "State your business in Kallaheim," it says drily, unimpressed by your rugged look.

What do you say?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ "I'm looking for a job as a lumberjack"
πŸ‡§ "I've come here to become a fishermen"
πŸ‡¨ "I want to do some mining"
πŸ‡¨ --

May 12th, 2023

"That's right, we need miners," the guard says, pulling a lever that slowly opens the gates. "There's a new expedition to the Frostbite Mountain Range leaving tomorrow from the Silver Stag tavern." As the gates of the cold city creak open, the warm glow of lanterns illuminates the snowy cobblestone streets, casting intricate patterns of shadow and light and creating an unnerving atmosphere that envelops the entire city.

As the gates shut behind you, you feel safe but very tired. The adrenaline has worn off, and you feel a burning pain where the wolf bit you. You want nothing more than to fill your belly and hit the bed. You will bandage the wound before sleeping. You locate a signpost showing the direction to the Silver Stag; it's not far from here, and you soon reach its welcoming doors. As you enter the tavern, the sound of people chatting, plates clinking, and dice rolling soothes you.

On your way to the barkeeper, you take a quick look at the message board. You find the poster calling for miners, offering good pay and providing equipment and provisions, leaving at noon, so there's plenty of time to rest. You continue to the bar, where you order a tasty stew, a flagon of ale, and a room for tonight. You produce a small pouch from your belt and pay the bill. You count the coins left, six in total.

As you sit down at a table and enjoy your food and drink, you scan around the room, looking for anything of interest. At one table, you see several men and women playing a dice game. In a shady corner, you notice a woman in long robes studying some scrolls; maybe she knows something about the amulet you found. In the middle of the room, there is a small stage set up, and there's an elven bard hosting a Troubadour's Rendezvous, where anyone can have the stage for five minutes.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Play dice game (Medium)
πŸ‡§ Talk to the woman in corner (Hard)
πŸ‡¨ Participate in Troubadour's Rendezvous (Hard)
πŸ‡© Go to sleep
πŸ‡§ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [14]

May 14th, 2023

After finishing your meal and gulping down the last of your ale, you summon the courage to approach the woman in the shady corner. She looks like someone that could know something about the amulet you found. You walk across the room, ignoring the dice game and the stage, and sit down at the robed woman's table. She looks at you, slightly annoyed, but once you produce the star-shaped amulet out of your inside pocket, she turns curious.

"You should not have this. Where did you get it?" she says, concerned. You explain to her what happened outside of Kallaheim's walls earlier this night. She listens to you attentively, then she speaks, "Well, the amulet you have is called a Pentafrost. It's a symbol worn by high-ranking Ordained Ones. The red flash blast must have been produced by an Ewerethien mage. They are most proficient with magic. What's happened there, I do not know, and I suggest you better not investigate it. Jarvonia is already dangerous enough. Now excuse me, I have to continue my studies."

You put away the Pentafrost and go to your room, satisfied with getting some answers. You bandage your calf, and as soon as your head touches the pillow, you fall into a deep sleep.

When you wake up, you feel refreshed and ready for your mining career. You have a quick breakfast in the tavern, and soon enough, you find yourself standing outside of Silver Steed, where two wagons are stationed. A bearded man comes up to you. "Welcome," he says and starts giving you things. "Here's your pickaxe, provisions, and an oil lamp. If you are a novice, take a seat at the first wagon. If you're experienced, go to the second. Wagons will set out together, but their destinations are different, and so is the pay and danger."

You consider your options, you've never swung a pickaxe, but the higher pay sounds nice. You already survived yesterday, how much worse can it be?

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Take a seat in the novice miner wagon
πŸ‡§ Take a seat in the experienced miner wagon
πŸ‡¦ --

May 16th, 2023

You take a seat in the novice wagon, and soon it starts rolling over the cobblestone streets until it leaves Kallaheim. You count twelve eager miners, both men and women of different ages. Some are talking, while others get comfortable taking out crossword puzzles or other things to pass the time, as the expedition leader said the journey will take at least a day.

The ride takes you north, and the roads get smaller and more poorly maintained. Sometimes the wagon gets stuck, and everyone has to help dig it out to continue. It's almost midnight when you reach a campsite at the base of the mountain. Several tents are set up, and warm soup is served. Each miner is allocated a sleeping place.

In the morning, you gather in the middle of the camp and receive a briefing about the expedition. The experienced miners will go to a mine much higher up in the Frostbite Mountain, while you and the other novices will head to a lower one. You've heard a lot of speculation about the dangers that lie in the higher mine, from the ghosts of dead miners to furry, hungry yetis. But the lower one you're heading to should hold no danger. Sometimes even children work in it.

Your mining group is led to the entrance of the lower mine. The bearded man who recruited you back in Kallaheim explains the mining buddy system. You're supposed to pair up with a fellow miner and work closely together to provide some safety in case of any problems in the mine.

Most miners instantly pair up, and you look to see who's still available to form a pair. There's an older man in his sixties who is considered an experienced miner, but his hearing and eyesight are really bad. There's also a girl in her late teens who boasts about her mining skills because she comes from a family of miners, but her father won't let her go to the dangerous mine. The last one is a strong man who has been slinging offensive jokes left and right during the journey and is just unpleasant to be around.

Who do you choose as your mining buddy?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ The experienced old miner
πŸ‡§ Teenage girl miner
πŸ‡¨ Unpleasant strong man miner
πŸ‡¦ --

May 18th, 2023

You approach the old miner, and he nods at you with a faint smile. The man and the girl are left to team up, and you can already hear the man muttering, "Of course, the newbie teams up with the old fart. Don't ask me when I have to retrieve their frozen bodies from the mine." The girl adds, "Yeah, I remember when my daddy had to retrieve fifteen miners from the higher cave. He did it alone too! One day, it's gonna be me doing it!"

The paired miners enter the mine two by two, leaving you outside. The bearded expedition guide informs you that he will return and ring a bell when the shift ends, and you'll hear its echo within the mines. After that, he heads back to the base camp. You light your oil lamps and venture into the mines. There, you choose a mining cart, place it on the tracks, and select one of the tunnels leading deeper into the mountain.

You're eager to talk to your buddy, but he declines any conversations beyond saying, "Name's Jarran Greysight. We'll have plenty of time to chat when we mine." He then explains how to locate a rich copper vein, and you set out following his guidance. Before long, you discover exactly what he described. He proceeds to show you the correct way to hold the pickaxe and the best technique to use it. Soon enough, you're mining one ore after another.

Echoing into the mines you hear more pickaxes striking the rock. Both you and the old miner have found a comfortable rhythm and now you decide it would be good time to strike up a conversation.

What do you talk about?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ His mining stories
πŸ‡§ Jarvonia
πŸ‡¨ His Family
πŸ‡© Weather
πŸ‡¦ --

May 20th, 2023

You decide to ask about Jarran's mining career, as a miner of his age must have seen quite a lot. His eyes light up when you bring up the topic, and he eagerly shares story after story with you. Some are mundane, some are exciting, but all of them revolve around the world of rock and stone. However, one particular story strikes a chord within you.

The old man begins, "Once, we were mining in a mountain near Coldington. It was a dangerous mine, with a history of collapses and missing crews. However, it was also incredibly rich in minerals, which made the pay quite absurd. We were a team of twelve miners, and we utilized six carts, much like the setup here."

"One morning, as we prepared our carts, we noticed something strange. Suddenly, there were seven carts instead of the usual six. A new cart had appeared out of nowhere, and we simply laughed it off. One pair of miners decided to take the new cart, and we began our work. At the end of our shift, when we gathered at the mine entrance, the miners who had chosen the new cart were missing. Concerned, we went to investigate... only to find them both dead. Their heads had been torn off, their faces devoured. The cart itself was nowhere to be found."

"Filled with fear, we fled the mine and never returned. It was sealed off permanently thereafter. I believe it was the work of a Dragar, a ghoul raised by the spirit of a deceased miner, never resting, forever stalking the site of their demise."

He quickly apologizes, not wanting to frighten you, saying, "I'm sorry for any unease caused. Don't worry, we are in the novice mine, after all."

As he finishes his story, you look around and notice something that wasn't there before - another mining cart.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Scream
πŸ‡§ Run Away
πŸ‡¨ Attack the cart
πŸ‡© Push the old man toward the cart
πŸ‡¦ --

May 22nd, 2023

Surprised by the suddenly appearing cart, you let out a scream. However, before you can react any further, your scream is drowned out by the laughter of a man and a woman. "Haha, look at the newbie screaming like a scared little baby. Did you wet yourself too?" the unpleasant man says as he appears around the curve of the cave. The teenage girl miner standing next to him adds, "Don't you hear the bell? The shift is over. Roll your cart so it doesn't block ours. Come on!"

Now you hear the bell ringing; you were so captivated by the old miner's story that you didn't notice it before. Jarran looks at you with compassionate eyes and gives you a slight smile. You begin to make your way out of the mine, your cart filled with valuable minerals. Not bad for the first day.

As you exit the mine, the sky full of bright stars greets you. The bearded expedition leader stands with a bell in his hand. "Good work, everyone. Load the ores onto the sled wagons." You all follow his instructions and soon reach the base camp. There, he hands everyone their pay, 10 coins. You enjoy a warm stew and spend time with the old miner you've grown fond of, but the camp seems uneasy. It has been a while, and the experienced mining group has not yet returned.

The bearded leader explains that he made an agreement with the veteran miners that they would end their shift on their own, but it is well past that time. He is going to investigate and offers anyone who wants to accompany him. A few miners step up, including the unpleasant man and the girl. The old man says he needs to rest and that he would be no help anyway.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Join the group to investigate
πŸ‡§ Sneak behind the group and follow them (Easy)
πŸ‡¨ Stay and steal from miners who left (Medium)
πŸ‡© Stay and rest
πŸ‡¦ --

May 24th, 2023

Veteran miners are in peril, and you feel obliged to help them. You would want the same if you were in a sticky situation. So, you decide to join the group. The unpleasant man says, "Hey, newbie, you got scared by a mining cart earlier. What if there are more of those up there?" The teenage girl laughs, but the joke doesn't land with anyone else. Nevertheless, you all fill your oil lamps and begin your ascent up Frostbite Mountain.

The cold, harsh wind howls in the night as you walk with the group. Doubts start creeping into your mind, making you wonder if coming to the mountain was a mistake. You could have been fishing on a frozen lake or cutting wood with the woodsmen. However, as you reach the higher mine, you shake off these doubts.

Instantly, you notice that the duty oil lamps have gone out, plunging the mine into total darkness. The bearded leader takes a step into the mine, his hand extended with an oil lamp in front. The unpleasant man explains that he will stand guard at the entrance, and another miner joins him. It's you, the bearded leader, the teenage girl, and three nameless miners who venture into the mine.

You march forward slowly, illuminating the dark mine with your oil lamps. Your leader calls out to the miners, but only his voice reverberates in the mine. As you reach the first mine fork, you stop to decide whether to split up or stay together. However, before you can come to a conclusion, a loud noise from the direction you came interrupts you. You also feel tremors in the ground. After the dust settles and the tremors subside, you hear a deep, slow laughter resonating through the air. However, you struggle to determine its source or origin.

The bearded man quickly makes a decision to form pairs. He pairs up with one of the miners, while the other two miners group together. You are left to pair up with the teenage girl.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Investigate the way you came from
πŸ‡§ Take one of the paths forward
πŸ‡¨ Stay put
πŸ‡§ --

May 27th, 2023

There are three paths you can take, and three mining pairs have formed. Therefore, you decide to explore different paths and meet up back here later. You step up to take one of the paths that leads deeper, while the two unnamed miners take the other path. The bearded expedition leader with their pair will check out the way they came, as they are afraid the entrance has collapsed.

You and the girl venture forth. As you walk, you feel the girl gripping your arm tightly. She has lost her arrogant attitude and whispers, "I'm scared. Are we going to be alright?" You don't know, but you nod approvingly. Your oil lamp illuminates the tunnels, casting shadows that transform into eerie beings. Eventually, you reach a larger opening in the mine and spot four lifeless bodies on the ground. Their faces have been ripped away, and blood covers the rocky terrain. Only a single mining cart remains amidst them.

You glance at the girl beside you and notice her frozen in fear. As you turn your gaze back to the scene, you see a menacing, demon spider-like figure standing on multiple legs where the mining cart was. It is lean, sinewy, and it's large mouth full of teeth. It appears ready to pounce.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Fight it (Extreme)
πŸ‡§ Shove the girl towards it (Hard)
πŸ‡¨ Run away (Extreme)
πŸ‡§ --

May 28th, 2023

Your survival instincts kick in, and to your surprise, you shove the girl next to you towards the creature. In the process, you purposely trip her, causing her to land several feet away from you. She is shocked and frozen in fear. The monster leaps onto her, ripping into her flesh with its claws. As you witness it open its toothed jaw, preparing to bite, you quickly spin on your heel and run away.

While running, you hear the girl's last screams reverberating through the cave. You hope that you have gained enough time to somehow escape. Eventually, you reach the exit, which has been partially blocked by a collapse. Fortunately, the bearded expedition guide, along with his buddy, has cleared a path allowing a person to squeeze through.

"We heard screams, what happened?" the guide asks urgently. You quickly recount the horrifying encounter with the monster and the subsequent massacre. However, you choose to keep the part about shoving the girl to yourself.

"By the Frost, we must get out of here," the man says with a grim expression on his face.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Go through the squeeze first (Easy)
πŸ‡§ Convince others to fight monster with you (Hard)
πŸ‡¨ Stay alone and fight (Extreme)
πŸ‡© Go through the squeeze last (Medium)
πŸ‡¦ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [1]

May 31st, 2023

You do not want to encounter the monster again, so without an invitation, you start crawling up the rubble. The hole appears large enough for you to squeeze through, and you can feel the cool outside air rushing against your face. You begin to squeeze through the opening.

As you slowly maneuver your way through, you hear coming of the other two miners. They are panting and sound distressed. You soon discover the reason behind their distress. The miners are being chased by the spider-like creature. Meeting others they take their last stand here. The bearded man yells at you to move faster, igniting panic within you. You start shifting faster through the squeeze, dislodging more rubble above, and feeling dirt and rocks engulfing your stomach area.

Behind you, you hear the sounds of fighting and the screams of the miners. Before you can even see it, the unpleasant man outside reaches for you. His hands lock around yours, and he begins to pull. Inch by inch, you are slowly moved through, with rubble shifting around you. The screams behind you gradually fade away, and you are almost free when suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your leg. The monster has hooked one of its clawed fingers through your calf and starts pulling with a force ten times stronger than that of the miners trying to pull you out.

"It can't be," you think, "I can't die like this." But your body is forcefully pulled back into the mine, into the monster's grasp. As you are dragged through the squeeze, sharp rocks brush against your body, yet you do not feel any pain. You are pulled further into the mine, with the lifeless bodies of your comrades lying on the ground. The monster strikes at your chest and bites your face. In those final moments, you think...

What do you think about?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ You should've went to Grand Duchy of Trellin-Erdwise
πŸ‡§ You should've explore lands of Wrentmark
πŸ‡¨ You should've looked for work in Galeforge
πŸ‡© You should've ventured to Wallisia
πŸ‡¦ --

Of swamps and service (GDTE)

June 2nd, 2023

You're traveling along the well-made Erdwise roads from Blackspell Port to the Great Marshes. The empire has always taken good care of the infrastructure; you even recall a saying: "Forge the path with sturdy stones, and prosperity shall grace thy throne." The landscapes around you grow increasingly beautiful, but so do the dangers. Bandits, beasts, and disease lurk in the Great Marshes, but you've planned to hire local halflings to assist you and your lord.

You've been employed by Lord Jean dar Ortwarren, serving as his servant, guide, bodyguard, and much more. One thing is certain: you don't get paid enough for this job. However, if you want to climb the political ladder, you must earn a favor with the nobles. Lord Ortwarren wants to bring back hunting trophies from the Great Marshes, with a particular interest in claiming the head of the legendary snake known as Halfmaw. This serpent is identifiable by its half-missing lower jaw and is rumored to be capable of swallowing men whole.

Lord Jean dar Ortwarren has brought his family's crossbow, and back in Blackspell Port, he purchased a magical slaying arrow from the Ewerethien trader. Your task is to ensure his safe journey to encounter the snake and return. You're well aware that this adventure won't be easy, so you've arranged to meet up with the hired halfling assistance at the border of Trellin.

Who have you arranged to hire?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Swampland Survivalist
πŸ‡§ Tracker
πŸ‡¨ Beastmaster
πŸ‡© Guard
πŸ‡§ --

June 4th, 2023

You've arranged a meeting with a professional halfling tracker. Based on the information you've gathered about him, you know that he's highly skilled at finding the right beasts. However, he seems uninterested in assisting with the survival and safety aspects of the adventure. Nevertheless, since you want to minimize your time spent in the swamp, your plan is to hunt some beasts and return before the insects even notice your arrival.

As you approach the meeting spot, you spot a man of half the usual size wearing a ranger's hat. He appears well-equipped and outfitted. Lord Ortwarren sneers, "I refuse to be led by the enemy. I know these smallfolk; he'll guide us into a trap, rob us, and leave us as food for the beasts!" You quickly reassure Lord Ortwarren that this tracker is a professional and has no interest in the Trellin-Erdwise dispute.

The tracker greets you, saying, "Welcome, biggies. Let's establish some ground rules. I will not babysit you. I will not feed you. I will not change your pants. Tell me what to find, and I'll find it. Killing, you do yourselves. My name's Taffel the Mudfoot. So, what are we after?"

What do you want him to find?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Wild boar
πŸ‡§ Alligator
πŸ‡¨ Snapping Turtle
πŸ‡© Halfmaw
πŸ‡¨ --

June 6th, 2023

Your lord examines you closely as you reply that you're after a snapping turtle. Jean dar Ortwarren frowns, remarking, "Ah, yes, my friends at Blackspell Port will be very impressed by a turtle head. Not!" He theatrically adds, "Alright, fine, take us to the mighty snapping turtle." You shrug, knowing that nothing would ever please your lord, so you pay no attention to his sarcasm.

The tracker says, "A snappie? No problem! If we're lucky, we'll find one today," and he gets to work. He kneels down and takes a deep sniff of the mud, then removes his hat and submerges his head into the nearby water. After a minute, you start to worry, but he suddenly emerges and spits out some water. Without saying anything, he points two fingers westward and starts walking, motioning for you to follow.

Lord Ortwarren scoffs at the technique used by the Mudfoot, but he obliges and both of you follow the halfling on foot. Making your way through the swamp is more exhausting than anticipated. Not even half a day has passed when the lord orders you to carry his bags as well. You grit your teeth and press on.

After an half an hour the tracker suddenly stops and motions for you to stop as well. He points in a direction where a wild swamp snapping turtle has appeared! It looks aggressive, and the halfling has already hidden himself in the bush.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Hide yourself and lord the bush (medium)
πŸ‡§ Attack the turtle (medium)
πŸ‡¨ Let Ortwarren attack (medium)
πŸ‡¨ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [13]

June 8th, 2023

Unsure of what the Lord would think if you were to kill the turtle instead of him, which you could easily do as you're well-trained in spear arts, you decide to step back and let Ortwarren claim the kill. The Lord understands your intention, and he slowly, without startling the turtle that is approximately 30 feet away from you, takes his crossbow and notches a bolt.

As you shift your foot into a more comfortable position, you accidentally snap a branch underneath, drawing the snapper's attention. It charges at you with much greater speed than you had anticipated. You attempt to grab your spear, but you know it's too late. Just as the turtle lunges at you, a bolt strikes through its head, entering perfectly on one side and exiting on the other.

"Don't just stand there, retrieve the bolt, and then butcher the turtle. We shall feast on the turtle; nothing tastes better than a fresh kill. We will make camp here," says Lord Ortwarren with a smirk as he sits down on a fallen log, takes out a small pipe, and starts smoking.

Orders are orders, and you place the bags where the Lord sits before beginning to search for the bolt. As you do so, Mudfoot approaches you and speaks in a hushed voice, saying, "Psst! This place is no good for camp. Too damp. Much water, too many insects at night."

You nod and continue searching for the bolt, contemplating your options. Should you trust the halfing? Can you go against your lord's orders? Eventually, you retrieve the bolt and the snapper's carcass, then return to your lord.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Make the camp here as lord ordered
πŸ‡§ Tell the lord you have to move elsewhere
πŸ‡§ --

June 12th, 2023

Before you speak, a small mosquito lands on your neck and bites you, leaving an itchy spot. Nervously, you clear your throat and inform the lord that it would be necessary to relocate to a more suitable camping spot, because insects here are going to eat you alive at night.

The lord takes a long drag from his pipe, slightly annoyed, and remarks, "Eh, we could have had the turtle roasting by now, but I will trust your decision. Find a place that's safe and secure." As you draw closer to him, Ortwarren whispers, "Although I still don't trust that smallfolk Mudface. I'll keep an eye on him."

You gather your belongings, and this time the lord carries his own packs. Together, you embark on a quest to find a better shelter. The sun is gradually setting, and the number of insects has tripled, becoming increasingly bothersome. You search for a higher ground with a dry surface, suitable for constructing a makeshift shelter.

Eventually, you discover a patch of ground with a sturdy surface and an old fallen tree. This spot is significantly drier than before, prompting your decision to camp here. As you unpack, the halfling approaches and says, "I will sleep other place. I will meet you here, two hours after dawn." You pay little attention to his departure as you have numerous tasks at hand. You proceed to construct a triangular makeshift shelter, leaning it against the tree. Lord Ortwarren takes place in the shelter and before he sleeps he orders "Make fire, butcher and cook the turtle, keep watch. Tomorrow we look for Halfmaw!", soon he's snoring in deep sleep. You yawn and rub your eyes, thousand stars shine upon you.

What do you do during the night?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Sleep
πŸ‡§ Make fire (Easy)
πŸ‡¨ Make fire and butcher/cook the turtle (Medium)
πŸ‡© Make fire, butcher/cook the turtle, keep watch through the night (Hard)
πŸ‡© Dice: [d20]
Roll: [19]

June 14th, 2023

You shake off the drowsiness, determined to please your lord and follow his orders completely, especially after your previous disobedience. While gathering twigs and leaves for fire starting, you retrieve your flint and steel. Prior to your journey to Trellin, you took the time to read some survival guides, so in theory you know how to make a fire. Putting your knowledge into action, you are surprised to quickly a flame sparks, which grows into a respectable fire as you feed it.

Filled with energy from your success, you waste no time and begin butchering the turtle. Although you have never done it before, memories flash back of how your mother used to skillfully butcher various creatures when you were a child. Guided by intuition, you deftly work on the turtle using a sharp knife. After half an hour, you successfully remove its organs and separate the shell, limbs, and head. Setting aside the shell and head, you decide to prepare a delicious turtle stew.

With the task complete, you make the decision to keep watch throughout the night. Perhaps your lord is correct in distrusting the halfling and suspecting a possible betrayal. There's also the chance of dangerous beasts stumbling upon you. Settling down by the fire, you savor the stew. The warmth from the fire and the food make you feel drowsy, but you push through. At times, you think you hear or see something in the darkness, but it is likely just your imagination. Soon, dawn breaks, and your lord awakens, pleased with your diligent work. Ortwarren allows you to rest until the halfling returns, and as soon as you lie down, you fall asleep.

You are awakened by your lord. "It's almost noon, Mudface hasn't arrived. What's the plan? I want to find the Halfmaw. Yesterday was good practice."

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Wait here
πŸ‡§ Look for Mudfoot (Hard)
πŸ‡¨ Track Halfmaw yourself (Extreme)
πŸ‡© Go back the way you came (Easy)
πŸ‡¦ --

June 16th, 2023

You decide to wait for Mudfoot's return, as you don't trust your tracking abilities enough to locate the halfling or Halfmaw on your own. Your lord appears annoyed with your decision, but he calmly packs his pipe and begins to smoke.

Today is scorching hot, with the sun beating down on you and the still air making it hard to breathe. You find yourself missing the bustling streets of Blackspell Portβ€”the lively parties, the intrigue, the vibrant life. Yet, you remind yourself of the potential title you could earn if you succeed in this adventure. Ortwarren will promote you to one of his courtiers.

Suddenly, the sound of small footsteps catches your attention. Before you can locate the source, three halflings emerge from the bushes, bows raised and arrows pointed directly at you. They bear dark camouflage face paint, and their leader, wearing a red bandana, exudes a menacing aura.

Your lord remains seated, calmly smoking his pipe, but you notice him subtly inching closer to his crossbow resting on the ground.

"Hello, friends! Oh, my apologies," he says, bowing deeply. "Welcome to the swamps, my lord," he adds with a hint of sarcasm, prompting giggles from the other two halflings. "You see, a friend of mine informed me about two nobles camping in this area. Now, I happen to know that Erdwise has quite deep pockets, so I believe parting with some coin won't be an issue for your noble friends, will it? Now, remain still. We will blindfold you and lead you to a safe location."

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Comply
πŸ‡§ Fight (Extreme)
πŸ‡¨ Convince them that only your lord is noble (Hard)
πŸ‡¦ --

June 20th, 2023

You want to grab your spear and fight these small bastards to the death, but your body refuses to obey. Your feet are frozen in place.

You glance at your lord and subtly shake your head, he understands and refrains from reaching for his crossbow. He stands up, extending his arms as a gesture to be tied. "Let's get it over with," the Lord grunts.

The smallfolk swiftly bind your hands, with one of them standing on another's shoulders to blindfold both of you. From the sounds of it, they rummage through your belongings, giggling in excitement when they discover your coins.

Now that the initial fear has subsided, you begin to formulate a plan to escape with Lord Ortwarren. The Erdwise lords would undoubtedly pay a handsome sum for Ortwarren, but how long until they receive the message? Negotiations like these can take weeks. Can you survive for that long? As you ponder, a kick to your shin interrupts your thoughts, and a halfling orders you to move.

Moving while blindfolded proves to be slow and painful, as you frequently stumble. You believe it to be pointless, as you wouldn't be able to distinguish one part of the swamp from another, but the smallfolk insists on complete secrecy. By nightfall, you arrive at their hideout. You hear more halflings, but their words remain incomprehensible to you since you don't understand their language.

Both you and Lord Ortwarren are tossed into a large dug hole with wooden bars covering the top. They let you remove your blindfolds. Exhausted, you slump against the dirt walls and fall asleep.

You are awakened by a familiar voice "Pssst, I can't help you now. But I get you out. Do as they say. I'll come for you. Soon," whispers Mudfoot, the tracker you hired. Before you can respond, he vanishes into the night.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Wait
πŸ‡§ Escape now (Hard)
πŸ‡¨ Try to win a favour from guard (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [8]

June 22nd, 2023

You are confused upon hearing Mudfood's words, but you choose to trust him and wait. However, that doesn't mean you won't seize any opportunity that may arise. Lord Ortwarren was asleep during the whispers, and you're unsure of what he would think about the situation. You notice that his ornate ivory pipe has fallen out of his pocket, so you carefully stash it in your clothing, not wanting it to get dirty or wake the lord. Eventually, you drift back to sleep.

In the morning, both you and your lord wake up. Your arms are extremely sore from the tight ropes that bind them. You attempt to shift them into a more comfortable position but find no relief. You also notice that Ortwarren's arms are in bad shape as well.

Later, a halfling woman arrives and lowers a strange orange fruit. She takes a drag from a small rolled herb spliff and says, "Breakfast." In that moment, you experience a flash of inspiration. Before she leaves, you speak up and ask her to unbind your arms, offering the ivory pipe in exchange. The lord appears surprised but does not interrupt. The halfling woman contemplates for a moment and then accepts the offer. She extends her arm through the wooden bars, taking the pipe from you. Reluctant to descend, she tosses a small knife instead.

As she waits, you start working on cutting the ropes that bind both you and the lord. Suddenly, she gets called by someone and is forced to leave, cursing in frustration. Soon, you successfully unbind yourselves and still possess the small knife she left behind.

You divide the fruit into two and consume it. It is juicy, spicy, and refreshing. As you eat, the lord speaks up, saying, "We have to escape from here. We'll decay in these swamps. I'm sure the court will pay, but it could take weeks"

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Wait for Mudfoot
πŸ‡§ Try to escape during the night (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Kill Ortwarren with knife (Extreme)
πŸ‡¦ --

June 25th, 2023

For a moment, a mad idea about killing your lord crosses your mind, but you quickly dismiss it. It's a naive hope that getting rid of your lord would lead the smallfolk to release you. In reality, your life might depend on keeping your lord alive. He's the one who holds value to them, not you.

You inform the lord about Mudfoot's visit the previous night, believing it will prove his innocence in your capture. Mudfoot has offered to save you, but you must wait for him, no matter how long it takes. Even if you'd escape now, the swamp is their domain, and you stand no chance. Lord Ortwarren agrees with your decision.

A waste bucket is lowered into your hole, along with some food, and your lord is questioned about whom to contact in Blackspell Port. The day drags on as you hear the smallfolk talking, coming and going, until nightfall arrives. Little do you know, this marks the first of many days spent in this dirt hole. With the knife you obtained, you engrave a single line on the waste bucket, representing the day you've spent here.


Five weeks have passed since your capture. The lord has grown a greying beard and has become noticeably thin. There have been no sightings of Mudfoot, but you continue to wait and hope. The days blur together: you receive food, the waste bucket is emptied, and you find ways to pass the time by talking, listening, and entertaining yourselves. You've learned countless ways to spin and flip the knife you acquired on your first day here.

However, today is different. A large thunderstorm has been brewing in the distance, and now it has begun to pour. Rainwater fills your hole, rising to your knees. You call out to smallfolk, but nobody comes. This has never happened before; someone has always remained in the camp.

Suddenly, Mudfoot appears and swiftly opens the hatch to your hole. "Let's go! No time. Explain later" he says urgently. Without hesitation, you follow him. As you leave the empty camp, you decide to steal something from it.

What do you take?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Weapons
πŸ‡§ Survival Gear
πŸ‡¨ Food
πŸ‡© Money
πŸ‡§ --

June 27th, 2023

You decide that the small knife will be enough for defense. What you really need protection against is the swamp itself, so you decide to gather whatever survival gear you can find. You notice a few insect nets, a fire-making kit, and a box of herbal medicine and bandages. You grab all those items and stuff them into a backpack you come across, then you start chasing after Mudfoot. Your lord joins you and you notice that he has found and taken his crossbow with the magic arrow.

The rain is pouring heavily upon you, and thunder and lightning rage on. The three of you run through the muddy swamp, occasionally tumbling but always quickly regaining your footing, fueled by adrenaline. Mudfoot eventually stops in a small clearing and motions with his arm for you to halt.

"We are safe here. Catch your breath. Listen," the small man says. "When you camp, I go to hunt. Smallfolk rebels come upon me. I explain - I do not care politics, I do track for tourists. They be mean, threaten me, but I talk my way out"

"They leave. I try to get to you, but they get you first. I follow them. I contact you in pit. Then I leave you. I think of a plan. Track down Halfmaw and lead it here. Rainstorm brought by spirits of the swamp, not me. So what now?" he says nonchalantly.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Ask to be lead out of swamp
πŸ‡§ Setup an ambush in rebel camp
πŸ‡¨ Go to where smallfolk and Halfmaw is
πŸ‡¨ --

July 1st, 2023

You're shocked and impressed by what Mudfoot just said. The plan he had was undoubtedly crazy, but it has succeeded, so you can't complain. You noticed that Lord Ortwarren loaded his magical arrow into the crossbow when Halfmaw was mentioned. Rain pours down on you as you try to decide what to do.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go kill that smallfolk-eating snake, then cut open its belly, take out the halflings, and slit their throats," the lord says with a devilish grin that gets amplified by his hollow cheeks. Now you realize how much weight you both have truly lost.

You nod, and without wasting a second, Mudfoot starts moving through the vines and bushes. Soon you hear smallfolk shouting and water splashing. As you hide in the bushes, you see a clearing with a shallow river running through it. There, a giant snake like you've never seen before slides through the murky water. Half of its jaw is missing. This can be no other than the legendary snake.

On top of it, you count at least three halflings who are trying to stab the snake in the back with their short swords, and about a dozen attacking Halfmaw with shortbows from the sides. The snake raises its giant head and lashes at a small woman, the guard whose knife you now wield, and it swallows her instantly. This fight can go either way.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Attack the halfling rebels
πŸ‡§ Attack the Halfmaw
πŸ‡¨ Wait hidden for fight to unfold
πŸ‡¦ --

July 3rd, 2023

You're thinking, what if swamplings kill the snake and then recapture you. Your life will only get worse; you're sure of it. It's better to take destiny into your own hands.You quickly let it be known what you're going to do to the lord, and he agrees with a fierce grin.

As the fighting between the smallfolk and Halfmaw rages on, you seize the opportunity to sneak up to the closest archer. As he notches an arrow, you strike hard with the knife and bury it deep into the halfling's neck. He lets out a scream, but the sound is drowned out by the thunderstorm and the battle.

You pick up the shortbow and start unleashing arrow after arrow at the halflings. You see that Lord Ortwarren has also joined the fray as you observe him strangling one of the smallfolk. Mudfoot is hiding in the bushes.

An arrow grazes your shoulder. One of the halflings has noticed you and chosen you as the target. The battle is chaotic. The rain and thunder provide a bloody rhythm to the dance of death, participated in by the Halfmaw, less than a dozen smallfolk, and two thin Erdwiss.

Soon all the halflings have been eliminated, whether by you, the lord, or the snake. It doesn't matter. Death fills the air. But it's not over yet. You see your lord's crossbow with the magical arrow on the ground and you pick it up.

Then you notice it: the Halfmaw's head is towering over Ortwarren, ready for a deadly strike, but its tail has been wrapped tightly around Mudfoot's body, squeezing the life out of him.

As you take aim with the crossbow, you feel that wherever you shoot, you'll kill the legendary snake. But if you shoot the head and save the lord, its tail will finish off Mudfoot. If you shoot the tail, you will save the tracker, but Halfmaw will carry out its deadly strike on Ortwarren.

What do you save?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Lord Ortwarren
πŸ‡§ Mudfoot the Tracker
πŸ‡¦ --

July 5th, 2023

You don't hesitate for a second. You came here promising your lord safety, and you will not fail him. You launch the magical arrow, and even though your aim is not great, it seems like the arrow finds its target on its own. It enters Halfmaw's head with a blue flash of light and stops the snake from delivering the deadly blow.

The snake's body convulses from the strike, contracting its muscles and squeezing the life out of Mudfoot. They both go limp as the snake's heavy head falls next to Lord Ortwarren with a splash.

You first rush to the lord and help him stand up. Then, together, you go to Mudfoot. He's breathing lightly, his body completely broken. Blood trickles down from his mouth due to internal bleeding.

"My job is done," the dying halfling says.

Lord Ortwarren kneels down by the dying man, holds his hand, and says, "Indeed, it is done, my friend, and done excellently. I will make sure your name is remembered throughout the lands, Mudfoot the Tracker."

You spend the last moments of Mudfoot's life in silence. Once he's gone, the lord closes the halfling's eyes. "I'll bury him. You extract the fangs of the Halfmaw," Ortwarren says.

As the rain keeps pouring, you both get to work. Lord digs a grave with an undersized shovel he found on one of the bodies. You extract the fangs with great effort. They are longer than your forearms, and you barely manage to stuff them in your backpack. You gather any gear that might be useful for survival in the swamp.

When your lord is done, he invites you to a small funeral ceremony where he recites a few prayers and wishes Mudfoot's soul to find a resting place. Then, without speaking a word, you both venture into the marsh with only one thought - to get home. The life in the dirt hole has strengthened your body and mind, making you accustomed to the damp life of the swamp. Your journey is guided by a single direction - east, where your home awaits.

During the trip, you exchange few words with your master, but one evening, as you roast the fish you caught, he opens up to you.

"You must have noticed my deep-seated animosity towards halflings. I have held them responsible for the downfall of our grand duchy. I've always viewed them as lacking compassion for us the Erdwiss. However, Mudfoot has proven me wrong. If there is one smallfolk like him, there must be more," he says with a serious expression. "I now see that these are people we can coexist with. No longer shall I consider them as inferior, but as equals."

You recognize that this journey has transformed your lord. He hasn't once requested to inspect the fangs of the Halfmaw, instead often lost in contemplation. After a few days, you stumble upon a dirt road, which leads to a larger path, eventually guiding you back to the main road that takes you all the way to Blackspell Port.

Upon your return, the first action your lord takes is fulfilling his promise, promoting you to his personal courtier. Now, you hold sway and influence within the city and the court. You swear never to return to Trellin's swamps, but you are aware that a day will come when you will be sent to engage in diplomatic discussions with smallfolk due to your unique experience. However, that is a tale for another time.

Which region should the next story take place in?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Wallisia
πŸ‡§ Wrentmark
πŸ‡¨ Galeforge
πŸ‡¨ --

Of intrigue and inventions (Galeforge)

July 13th, 2023

You step through the gates of Galeforge, the magnificent city-state. In this sprawling metropolis, gears turn, steam hisses, and the air crackles with electrifying energy. Amidst the whirring contraptions and towering machinery, you navigate the streets, making your way towards the Tower of Invention.

The Tower of Invention is a famous haven for inventors of varying skill, where they can rent workshops from the esteemed owner, Matilda Moltovic. Known for her assistance to novice tinkerers, she guides them on the right path, showing them the ropes of the trade. The anticipation builds within you as you look forward to meeting Moltovic, knowing she personally welcomes every newcomer.

Soon, you arrive at the tower. The first area you encounter is the general work area, sunlight streams through stained glass windows, casting vibrant hues upon workbenches adorned with specialized tools. Here, inventors tinker, weld, and experiment, bringing their visionary creations to life. The atmosphere is alive with excitement and collaboration as brilliant minds come together, sharing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Making your way to higher floors, you reach your personal "roomshop". As you step inside, a sense of awe washes over you. When you began your studies at the academy, you never imagined you would make it this far. You toss your bag onto the bed and take a seat at the spacious workbench, marveling at the vast array of tools available to you.

Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupts your thoughts. Inviting the person in, you come face-to-face with Matilda Moltovic herself. Wearing fashionable jumpsuit and sporting colorful tinkerer's goggles, which she wears for style rather than function, she lifts the eyewear and greets you with a warm smile. "Welcome, young artificer, to the Tower of Invention, where Imagination Ignites Innovation! Sorry, I have to say it, it's an old tradition. So, what field do you aspire to work in?"

What do you answer?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Military
πŸ‡§ Trade
πŸ‡¨ Relationships
πŸ‡© Agriculture
πŸ‡¨ --

July 18th, 2023

You take your time to answer and think carefully. You've never been into war and violence; those things are repulsive to you. As a result, you have no interest in supporting the military with your work. There are already enough bloodthirsty inventors trying to make the next big weapon.

Working in the trade field could be alright, but it would also support the rich getting richer. And when people have too much money, they start to crave power. You do not want to support that.

While you do appreciate nature and its beauty, you want to live in the city and enjoy the buzz, the people, and the intrigue. Where there are too many people, there are too many problems. If only they knew how to communicate better and resolve feuds without bloodshed, and love each other more truthfully. The possibilities in your mind are endless, so you proudly answer, "Relationships."

Matilda raises her eyebrows in surprise and says, "That's great. I'm very glad to hear that. If you're eager to start working on something, you might be interested in visiting the Innovation Bazaar tomorrow. Many potential investors gather there and look for artificers like yourself to invest in. Until then, I'd suggest you explore Galeforge; there truly is no other city like it. Good luck, and remember, imagination ignites innovation!" She closes her goggles and leaves gracefully.

You look out through your window. Your room, being on one of the top floors, has a magnificent view over the bustling city of Galeforge. You see a gigantic airship glide over the many buildings, towers, and streets. On it's side, there's a banner with text "Dragonov Dynamics: Where Burnout isn't a Badge of Honor. Apply now!"

What place do you visit?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Clockwork Carnage - automaton fight club
πŸ‡§ Steamport - steam powered ship docks
πŸ‡¨ The Iron Kettle - popular tavern in Galeforge
πŸ‡¦ --

July 21st, 2023

You decide it would be appropriate to celebrate moving in here with some entertainment, and there is nothing more exciting than the automaton fight club known as Clockwork Carnage. In its early days, it used to be fashioned after fighting sports, with small automatons battling it out in the ring.

The officials got worried that this could lead to more inventions in this brutal direction of creating fighting machines, so they banned such fights. However, the fight club pivoted and transformed its popular sport. Clockwork Carnage became a racing event where automatons were put on wheels. An exciting race track was made, full of twists and turns, traps, and pits. The automatons were still equipped with weapons, and they were allowed to be used on the track. So, the fight club became a battle race track, but it kept its old title.

You make your way through the city and enter Clockwork Carnage. At the heart of the building lies an awe-inspiring sight - an intricate automaton battle racing track that weaves through the interior, showcasing the remarkable prowess of clockwork racers. Gears interlock, pistons pump, and spectators are entranced as these mechanical marvels surge forward, leaving trails of mystifying steam and sparks behind them.

You decide that you'd like to enter a race. There's some pretty standard quality automaton racers for rent, so you pick one and go up to the racing board to choose which race to enter. Harder the race, bigger the rewards.

Which race do you enter?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Copper (Easy) reward - free drinks
πŸ‡§ Iron (Medium) reward - common crafting materials
πŸ‡¨ Titanium (Hard) reward - rare crafting materials
πŸ‡¨ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [4]

July 27th, 2023

As you examine the board, you notice that the reward for the Titanium race is a rough diamond. You're pleasantly surprised by the value of this prize, so you pay the entry fee for the race and head to the starting line. Seven other contestants are placing their remote-controlled automaton racers on the track.

The mechanical units come in various shapes and modifications. Some pump steam, while others whiz with electrical noise. You realize that you're the only one with a rented automaton, and it looks quite shoddy compared to the others.

You take your place next to the track, and soon the race begins. The automatons speed off, and you find yourself in the middle of the pack when the first sharp turn comes. You position your automaton on the outer side of the curve, barely keeping it on the track. That's when a fairly large battering ram-like automaton strikes your unit from the back, throwing you out of the race.

The race continues without you, and eventually, the battering ram wins. You realize you had greatly underestimated the Titanium race of Clockwork Carnage. Without wasting any more time, you head to your roomshop for a good night's rest. Tomorrow, you shall find an investor and start working on your first real invention.

Next day you go to the Innovation Bazaar. It's a huge place with many small tables setup, where potential investors are sitting, eating and drinking. Next to each table are quick description of what sort of invention they are looking for, if anyone finds that interesting they can sit down and talk with them further. You spend your time to carefully examine most offers, and three seems suitable for your relationship field.

First comes from a man in his forties "Wanted: A brilliant inventor to assist a mature gentleman in his forties to strengthen the bonds of love and connection with his spouse. Your mission: Develop a revolutionary device that enhances communication and understanding between the couple."

Second one is made by the Dragonov Dynamics "We are on the lookout for a visionary inventor capable of creating an innovative device that improves the communication and relationships between the higher-ups and the main workforce. Worker efficiency, satisfaction and happiness are of great value to us. Join us to keep the cogs well oiled and rotating flawlessly"

Third one come from an elven woman "Having spent hundreds of years in the serene woods, I now seek to embrace city life at Galeforge. However, anxiety hinders me around people, making it hard to connect and experience new friendships. I need an invention to help me adapt to the social life of the city. Help me on this transformative journey, crafting a solution to bridge the gap between two worlds."

Which job offer do you approach?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ First - man in forties
πŸ‡§ Second - Dragonov Dynamics
πŸ‡¨ Third - elven woman
πŸ‡¦ --

August 5th, 2023

You immediately feel drawn to the elven woman. You think you would be a great fit for her request, as you spent summers with your family in the forests where elves often lived. You could even refresh your elven language skills. As you step towards her table, you see that another elven woman with long red hair starts talking with her. Upon reaching them, before you're able to speak, the elven woman says to you with a big smile, "I'm sorry, I've found my helper just now," and she shakes hands with the red-haired woman's hand.

You decide to approach the older gentleman next. You sit down, and the man introduces himself as Drakmir Ironsky. Then he explains his situation:

"My marriage has come to a weird place. You see, my children are all grown up and have left the home recently, so in my home it's just me and the miss. I always looked forward to this time, but now that it's come, it's not that great."

The gentleman lets out a sigh and takes a gulp from a bottle of water. He then continues:

"We both have been so busy with our careers and children that we have not spent much attention to each other through the years, and now it feels like we are... strangers."

"None of our interests match, our friends are from different groups, and we barely speak. How I wish we could just fight about who will do the dishes, but everything seems to be in... harmony, but not the good kind."

"Can you build something that would rekindle the flame between us? We had so much in common all those years ago, but everything seems to have faded. I have full trust in your abilities, whatever you will create, I will pay for. Regardless of the results. Will you help me?" the man asks almost desperately.

You nod approvingly. You shake hands and agree to meet in a few days. Feeling nervous but excited, you leave the Innovation Bazaar, eager to start brainstorming ideas. You go to your room-shop and spend three days bundled inside there, coming out just to eat and drink. After the intense work period of thinking, sketching, tinkering, you've come up with three somewhat decent ideas. Now comes the important decision which your brainchild should you pursue.

Harmoniac 2000: an elegant music box with intricate gears and tubes, which when activated emits soothing melodies and resonant frequencies that have a calming effect on the emotions of those who hear it. Also it requires two people to be present for it to work. Eventually the users are supposed to get bored of the melodies and engage in conversations, spending a quality time together.

Memosphere: steam-powered glass orb that allows couples to revisit their cherished memories together. When activated, the Memosphere projects vivid holographic scenes of past experiences, immersing the couple in their shared memories. By reliving their happiest moments, the couple has a chance to rekindle their emotional connection and remember the love and joy they shared.

Empathron: a device resembling a small, elegant pocket watch. When both partners wear the empathrons, they create a psychic link, allowing them to feel each other's emotions and experiences. The gears and steam-powered crystals work together to establish a subtle, empathetic connection. This device is intended to help bridge emotional gaps and foster open communication as the users become more attuned to each other's needs and emotions.

Wich invention do you pursue?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Harmoniac 2000
πŸ‡§ Memosphere
πŸ‡¨ Empathron
πŸ‡§ --

August 11th, 2023

After countless reviews of your three project sketches, you decide to pursue the Memosphere. Harmoniac 2000 feels a bit too simple; is it anything more than a regular music box? On the other hand, building an Empathron could be an exceedingly challenging task; connecting emotions and experiences between two people could lead down horrifying paths. Memosphere seems to strike a balance, and it has a pleasant ring to it.

You assess the required materials. Most of the itemsβ€”nuts, bolts, gears, and tubesβ€”are all available here in the Tower of Invention. What's missing is the glass orb. While you could find a basic one, it wouldn't be capable of harnessing the energy you've calculated will be necessary for your invention. You require a more sophisticated material, such as etherglass or frostglass. Having been awake for too many hours, you decide to leave this problem-solving for tomorrow. You lie down in your bed, and sleep comes swiftly.

You're awakened by a knock on the door. Opening it, you see Matilda Moltovic, the owner of the Tower of Invention, standing there. This time, she's wearing a tophat with goggles, a popular headwear in Galeforge.

"Rise and shine, young inventor! Dream, create, repeat – that's the inventor's beat," she says, her apologies following as she tests out some new slogans. "So, what are you working on?" she asks curiously.

She doesn't have to ask twice. You explain everything you have planned for the Memosphere. You show her the sketches, lay out the workflow, and mention the necessary materials.

"Intriguing! You've done a great job. And you're correct in assuming that you need special glass for this. An exceptional material is required for such a spectacular design. You'll have to earn quite a few coins to afford it, but with a mind like yours, I'm sure it won't be a problem. Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well. First customerβ€”very exciting!" she says, joyfully walking out of the room while doing a little spin. Refreshed and inspired, you sit down at your workbench. You pull some levers, and your old self-built coffee maker whirrs and puffs as it brews you a fresh cup of coffee. While enjoying your drink, you contemplate the available options.

A position in Steamport emerges as a possibility. Steamships always require mechanics for repairs and maintenance. Perhaps you could even gain a firsthand look at rare goods arriving from distant places.

Becoming an engineer at Dragonov Dynamics presents another avenue, though you're concerned that they might confine you to a permanent role, and you could become too accustomed to a stable life.

Yet another choice involves joining a repair shop. Many Galeforge residents possess devices that frequently require fixing and adjustments. Who knows whom you might encounter as customers.

What job do you choose?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Steamport Mechanic
πŸ‡§ Dragonov Dynamics Engineer
πŸ‡¨ Repairshop Tinkerer
πŸ‡¨ --

August 23th, 2023

Without wasting time, you head to the nearest repair shop called Rusty Rivet Repairs. It's run by an old lady named Zandra. After her husband's death, who owned the business, she decided to continue its operation. Her husband had always worked alone, but he had a great array of various tools, books, and reagents, all kept in perfect condition. Zandra recruited some tinkerers and has been running the place ever since. It's well-known as a trusted place for daily repairs.

It's your lucky day! There's a sign posted on the door that says, "Looking for a skilled artisan." You enter and are greeted by the sweet old Zandra, who treats you to tea and cookies made by an automatic steam kitchen. She interviews you, and at the end of the conversation, you can call yourself a Rusty Rivets employee. You gladly take as many shifts as possible and even agree to start working today, right now.

You don't have to wait for long until your first customer comes through the door. It's a lady from the upper class. You can tell by her chic and stylish clothing. She's brought her pocket watch, which has stopped working. You get to work, and by the end of the day, it's ticking smoothly. Satisfied with your first day, you leave Rusty Rivet and return home at Tower of Invention.

You sit down at your workbench and do some calculations. If your math is correct, and it surely is, it will take half a year to afford the pristine glass. Not ideal, as by the time you get your hands on frostglass or something similar, Drakmir's marriage might already be in ruins. You hope for an opportunity to come by, but until then, you're determined to be the best tinkerer Rusty Rivet's Repair has ever had.

Days go by at your new job, and you're doing great. Customers are satisfied, and so is Zandra. You can't stop worrying about the gentleman who's waiting on the Memosphere, but you push those thoughts back and just carry on. As you had hoped, one day an opportunity presents itself. It's another typical day at the Rusty River. Zandra leaves the shop to dine somewhere in the city. You put up a lunch break sign on the entrance door and sit down to enjoy a meal made by the steam kitchen. As you're munching down on potatoes with gravy, suddenly the entrance door swings open, and a tall, slim man comes through it.

He's wearing a dark purple silk cloak and a beautiful cowboy-style hat with three colorful feathers behind its leather strap. Before you can say anything or even swallow the mouthful of food, he says, "You don't have to get up. I just wanted to inform you that I'm looking for a skilled and motivated individual for a highly secretive job. The reward for it would be this," and he produces a frosted glass orb, which you immediately recognize as the frostglass; he then hides it. "If you're not interested, you never met me. If you are, then meet me tomorrow at midnight in the Steamport. Come alone," the man says, tips his hat, and leaves.

You swallow the potatoes. That was weird, you think, but soon after lunch, a regular customer comes in, and you forget about the strange man who came earlier. Later, after your shift, when you're lying in your bed, you think about the encounter. Can you trust the man? The orb he showed you was clearly exactly what you need, but how could he have known? You consider your options. You could forget about this and continue working as you've done until now and earn the money for the orb in several months. You could also risk it and go meet him. Or maybe you'd better consult with someone.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Meet the man at midnight in Steamport
πŸ‡§ Igore the man
πŸ‡¨ Talk about it to Mathilda Moltovic
πŸ‡© Talk about it to Zandra
πŸ‡¦ --

September 18th, 2023

You decide that this is not the time to hesitate. There's a marriage on the line, and if you're not quick enough with the Memosphere invention, it might be too late for them. Also, it wouldn't feel good to fail on your first true project. With the decision made, you fall asleep.

The next day, work at the repair shop drags on, and as the end of the shift approaches, the stress grows larger. You can feel knots in your stomach, and there is no way you will have dinner this evening. Before you leave, Zandra comes up and expresses her concern for you as you've been acting a bit distant today, but you brush it off, pack your stuff, and leave.

You walk the streets of Galeforge and play out different scenarios of what might happen when meeting the strange man. Robberies, kidnapping, and murder in Steamport come up in the newspaper from time to time. You never really paid attention to those stories because you were sure that they would never be your concern. However, now you are concerned about becoming another dark story in the paper.

Consumed by these dark thoughts, you don't notice the sun setting. The streetlamps are lit, and the whole city takes on a different vibe, which only enhances your paranoid thoughts. Nonetheless, you make your way to Steamport, where work never stops. Workers are loading and unloading ships, people are drinking and playing dice and other games on the street.

You stroll through the docks, realizing the man never gave you an exact location for the meeting, so you just take a seat on one of the smaller pier pillars. As you wait in the unknown, you fiddle with your pocket tinkering tools in your hand. The skies are clear and full of stars, a salty breeze is blowing, and people pass by without paying much attention to you.

Suddenly, you hear "PSST!" sound from behind you. There's a small rowboat with mechanical oars, and the mysterious man is sitting in it with his face hidden behind the shadow of his cowboy hat.

He invites you into his boat, and you comply. The boat automatically starts rowing, and you both leave the pier. When you are a bit further away from the docks, the man speaks, "We don't need to know much about each other, but we do need to work together because we both have something the other needs. I have the glass orb you require, and you have the fire in your eye to do anything to get it."

"Recently, I've acquired a device that was made by an artificer who, sadly, didn't know how to keep his mouth shut and had the courage to finish the job he took on. So, he had to leave the city," he says with a grin.

"I need you to finish the job. I will give you the device, you will figure out how to use it, and then you will finish the job that the previous tinkerer couldn't. For that, you will receive the frostglass. This should be done as soon as you can; it's in both our interests, I suppose. I'm a trusting man, so here it is," he produces a small box and gives it to you.

The boat has finished a small circle in the water, and you're back at the pier. "Now go home, study the device and how to use it. I'm sure you will understand its use in the process. In two days, you will receive the target; I'm sure you'll handle it just fine," as you step out of the boat, he says, "Looks like I gotta go!" and the boat rows away quickly.

Now you notice the haste; from the Steamport streets, three guards are coming your way. "Excuse me! Please, stay where you are!" they shout at you!

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Run Away (Medium)
πŸ‡§ Wait and tell the truth
πŸ‡¨ Talk your way out of this (Medium)
πŸ‡§ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [18]

September 27th, 2023

Now you know what your fight or flight response is as you freeze in place while the guards shout at you. You try to remain calm; your intellectual abilities have always exceeded the physical, so you're sure you will figure a way out of this.

The guards are dressed in typical Galeforge dark purple uniforms, with hard caps on their heads and greenish goggles that enhance their sight in darkness. Upon reaching you, the lead guard raises his goggles and speaks in a commanding tone. "State your name and your business in Steamport at such a late hour."

You explain who you are and that there is no law against being in Steamport after midnight. As for your business here, you mention that you've had a pleasant boat ride under the beautiful starry night sky.

The guard continues to interrogate you, saying, "You were not alone on that boat. The person you were with is well known to the authorities. Any business done with them is under high suspicion in the eyes of the law. What were you doing?"

You've found your inner confidence, and you correct the guard, explaining that you were not doing any business with the person. You were on a date, which sadly ended on an upsetting note. You'd rather have been dreamily strolling back to your home now than explaining yourself.

The guard becomes annoyed that he doesn't have anything to arrest you for and says, "Be careful who you associate yourself with. If you are seen with that person again, you will be brought in for in-depth questioning. You can and should leave Steamport now; I don't care that it's not against the law to be here."

He doesn't have to tell you twice. You spin on your heel and walk straight away from the Steamport district. Now the stress washes over you. Who truly is the person you're getting involved with? What is the device in your pocket? The questions make your head spin, and you go straight to your room/shop, then arrange a message to be sent to Zandra that you will not be coming into work tomorrow.

The next day, you wake up with one thought: "I have to get over this as soon as possible." You go straight to your workstation and start tinkering with the device you were given. After several hours of studying it, you've understood it from top to bottom.

The device is not that complex, but it is quite sinister. It's a small box similar to a musical one, with a button. When pressed, one of two things happens: either a small ballerina pops out of the box, does a little dance, and melodically says, "Screw you and your corporation!" or the person who presses the button receives a deadly amount of electrical shock and dies.

You are turning a blind eye to the nature of the device, its potential use, and the target. You just want to get it over with and help the gentleman save his marriage! Before you are ready to deliver the device to the target, it's up to you to set up the device. There are three ways you can configure it.

How do you setup the device?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ It kills the person
πŸ‡§ The dancer pops out
πŸ‡¨ You leave it up to a random 50/50 chance
πŸ‡¨ --

October 23th, 2023

You think very carefully about this. Time moves so slowly that minutes feel like weeks. Eventually, you decide to leave the fate of whoever will interact with this box up to chance. You set it so there is a 50/50 chance of the music box killing the person who pushes the button or the little dancer popping out. With that done, you slip into your bed, where you try to fall asleep, but only towards dawn does the peace come to your troubled mind, and you find rest.

You wake well past noon and notice an envelope next to the music box. You're puzzled as to how this envelope got here, but then again, you were exhausted and must not have heard anyone entering. How could anyone enter? You always lock the door for the night, and now, when you check the door, it's still locked. You shrug and pick up the envelope. It has a purple wax seal with a symbol that looks like an eye with three keys for its lashes.

You break it and take out a note. It instructs you to meet a woman in a purple hood. She will be at the entrance of the central Dragonov Dynamics factory. The meeting is in an hour. You've slept too long. You quickly gather your belongings, chug coffee straight out of the steam device you've created, and dash out of the door, grabbing the box with you.

You try not to think about the device that you've adjusted; you focus on the gentleman whose marriage is in peril. Soon, you will create the Memosphere and help them discover each other once again. The price of that might be someone's death, a thought intrudes. That's when you notice the woman; she's wearing a muted purple hood that covers most of her face.

You walk straight to her. She gestures to keep silent and extends her hand. You put the music box in her hand without hesitation. She pockets it somewhere beneath the robe, then the woman turns and enters the factory, leaving you behind on the streets of Galeforge.

Now that the deed is done, you become restless. Your mind races with anticipation of what fate will befall the unfortunate gift recipient. You must know. You slip into the factory. Several workers are coming in and out of the factory. It's a well-known fact that Dragonov Dynamics runs their factories 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tough workers use heavy machinery to produce various metal objects, which are then assembled into many Galeforgian things.

Nobody pays much attention to you as the machines thud and clank against the metal parts. You search for the hooded woman and notice that she's walking straight to the shift manager's room, which is all the way across the machinery area. You pick up your pace to reach her.

She walks with great determination, not a care in her step. Does she know about the device? Could it be that she doesn't know about the potentially deadly nature of the box, or even worse, she might not care. She enters the door on which it says, "Zoltan Zimkov, Shift Manager." Luckily, the room has a large, dirty glass window for overseeing the work.

You peek through the window and see the hooded woman take her hood off, revealing a dark blue braided hairstyle. She's talking with the manager, who laughs heartily. She then produces the music box. You feel a knot twist in your stomach as she places the box on his table. Zoltan, a fat, balding man with a smile wider than his waist, picks up the box and inspects it. They talk a bit more, and then the woman puts on the hood and leaves.

The manager takes a handful of peanuts from a bowl on his desk and munches them greedily. He fidgets with the box using his fingers but avoids pressing the button. Knots in your stomach twist and turn as you can't take your eyes off the man and the box. Without much ceremony, suddenly the man presses the button, and a little dancer pops out. She does a small dance, and you see the man burst into laughter.

A sense of relief washes over you, and the knot in your gut untangles. You can't believe a man almost died because of your indecision. You leave the factory as quickly as you can and return straight to your roomshop. You unlock the door, and on your workdesk, there's a leather bag with something round in it. You open the bag, and you can't believe it, but the frostglass orb is there, a very valuable material. Finally, you will be ready to help the gentleman.

Tonight, you fall asleep instantly and enjoy a peaceful night's rest. You are awakened by a knocking on your door. When you open it, you see the owner of this place, Tower of Inventions, Matilda Moltovic, standing there. She's wearing a dark, fitted Galeforgian suit and a golden monocle. This is the first time you've seen her displeased, not a hint of her usual cheerfulness. She firmly asks you one question, "Have you had contact with The Keyholders?"

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Yes
πŸ‡§ No (Medium)
πŸ‡¦ --

February 1, 2024

Honesty is the best policy, a thought that rings through your mind. Nervously, you gulp and say, "Y-Yes," feeling almost ashamed. You avoid her gaze and listen as Matilda Moltovic, the owner of Towner of Inventions, scolds you.

"I am very disappointed in you," she says. "The Keyholders are known to lure bright inventors like yourself with promises of riches and power. However, they do not operate with good intentions. Rarely do their actions benefit anyone other than themselves. I do not know in what sort of activity you have been involved with them, nor do I want to, but I will give you only one warning. If you ever contact them again, you will be evicted from here and reported to the authorities."

"Now, excuse me," she finishes her speech coldly and leaves the room.

You slouch into a chair, feeling bad that you've let down Mrs. Moltovic. She was always so inspiring and proud of every inventor taking residency in her building. Now, it feels like your relationship will never be the same. You take the leather bag from your table and produce the beautiful Frostglass orb. You've never held a material so expensive and powerful. You decide that you will never, ever contact the Keyholders again; this was a one-time thing.

Without wasting more time, you begin the work on Memosphere, a device that will let a couple with relationship problems extract their memories and remind each other of the good times and the love they used to have.

After a few days of work, your brainchild is born. The Frostglass orb has been mounted onto a sturdy copper tripod. Underneath, between the tripod legs, is a crystal-powered generator that activates the magical properties of the orb. Two colored wires run out of the device, and at the end of those are retainers made from soft material.

For the device to work, two people who have created memories together have to put the retainers in their mouths and calm their minds. The device then scans through their memories and finds the times they felt the happiest together. After that, both users get to relive that memory together, not only watching from the side but actually being themselves. Those memories are projected in the orb and can then be recalled and reviewed in the Frostglass at other times. You hope this will help.

The next day, you've set up a meeting with the gentlemen. You're nervous about it but immensely proud of yourself. What you have created, even if not helpful, is a very advanced mechanism. You meet in the same place as before, in the Bazaar. Drakmir Ironsky is waiting for you at a table, looking at you eagerly. You sit down and present the Memosphere, providing great detail about how it's been made and how it's supposed to work. The gentleman listens to you with great attention; he even recalls several memories that he and his wife would love to go back to.

He's eager to try it out, so he gives you a medium lockbox filled with coins, then takes the Memosphere and stands up. As he leaves, he mentions that he will give a report on this soon.

You return to your room in the tower. The money you received surely feels nice and will feed you for a long time, but you're still worried if the device will truly help. You've finished your end of the bargain, but you also wish for it to actually help. To pass the time, you decide to make your own automaton racer; maybe someday you could join the Clockwork Carnage again.

After a week, you receive a letter from Drakmir Ironsky.

"My friend, I'm most happy to tell you that Memosphere has been helping. I'm worried it might be even addicting! We're using it all the time; to feel young, healthy, and in love again is marvelous. It has also brought us closer together as we spend time going through other memories we want to revisit, or even create new ones to revisit later in life. Thank you; you've changed our lives.

Eternally grateful, Drakmir Ironsky"

You close the letter and place it on the table. You feel proud of yourself. The thought that it has helped fulfills you more than the money earned. You feel ready to revisit the Innovation Bazaar and take on a new job. As you ponder what work is going to be next, you look outside through the window, where a blue and violet mechanical parrot has just landed on your open window's windowsill. In its beak, it holds a key...

Of cults and cold (Jarvonia)

February 2, 2024

The cold sun rises over Centaham, a village situated right in the heart of Jarvonia. All travelers entering this region pass through this town, though sadly, very few choose to stay. The surroundings offer little of interest, with endless fields of snow and hills devoid of valuable ore.

As you sip coffee from a sturdy wooden mug, you watch the sunrise on this significant day. Today marks your departure from Centaham, the place you've called home since childhood. Although you've never ventured beyond its borders, that's about to change. Over the past few weeks, you've attentively listened to the tales shared by passing travelers. Your aspiration is to become a hero of Jarvonia, the protector of the realm. Consequently, you've compiled various rumors that could set you on the path to glory.

You've narrowed down your options to three distinct possibilities, each in a different part of the region. First, there's a peculiar incident reported far south, past the Azurazera. Sailors claim to have spotted a massive ice skull erupting from the earth. While many dismiss it as mere gossip, no one has ventured to investigate. Being the first to explore this mysterious occurrence could be a tale worth telling.

The second option is to journey to Nurturing Nook Springs, a popular spot for those seeking relief from illnesses and old age. The spring's water has long been believed to possess healing properties, but recent reports suggest a dark turn. The water appears to be corrupted, causing those who immerse themselves in it to develop a painful skin condition akin to leprosy. Figuring out what's causing the corruption would surely make you popular.

The third and final option leads west to Barbantok, a favored destination for lumberjacks. Lately, a disturbing trend has emerged as several individuals have gone missing in the woods. Suspicions point to a connection with the change in their religious leader. The former priest retired, and the new leader has ceased making offerings to the Nomad Wood spirits. Investigating this matter could unravel a mystery that holds the key to the missing people in the forest.

Where do you go?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Ice Skull South of Azurazera
πŸ‡§ Nurturing Nook Springs to Northwest
πŸ‡¨ Barbantok to the West
πŸ‡§ --

February 7, 2024

You reminisce about your childhood trip to Nurturing Nook Springs, where you spent three whole days with your family. The water shimmered with a vibrant blue, almost teal hue, and it exuded warmth, even heat. Fond memories of those springs fill your mind, and the thought of such a natural wonder potentially being lost saddens you. Determined to investigate whether the water is truly corrupted and, if so, to find a way to restore it, you embark on your journey.

Your travel backpack is already packed with equipment, and you firmly grasp your grandfather's walking stick, which fits comfortably in your palm. With the sun shining overhead, you commence your trek to Nurturing Nook Springs. Located roughly 50 miles from Centaham, fortunately, most of the journey follows a dirt road leading northward toward Frusenholm.

After several days of travel, you reach the point where you must leave the road and traverse fields of snow. Opting to camp near the road before venturing into the wilderness, you awaken early the next morning to the sound of voices speaking in a language foreign to you, likely Erdwiss. Peeking out from your tent, you observe three individuals: a middle-aged lady adorned in regal attire with a snow fox fur mantle, a man of similar age wearing a stylish and expensive fur coat, and a young man whom you presume to be their servant, laden with two backpacksβ€”one on his back and one on his front.

Upon noticing you, the lady addresses you in the common tongue, "Ah, good morning to you, fine gentleman! I am Madam Eberhart, and this is my husband," she gestures to the man beside her. "We've been traveling to Nurturing Nook Springs, but unfortunately, our good for nothing guide here has forgotten to pack the map. Would you happen to know the way there?" You nod and explain that you're also headed in that direction, offering to accompany them. Delighted by the prospect, they quickly prepare to depart, and the four of you set out across the snowy fields. During your journey with them, you discover that Sir Eberhart suffers from a lung condition that causes difficulty breathing and frequent coughing. Having heard of the springs reputed magical healing properties, they've embarked on this journey.

However, you can't help but notice their mistreatment of their servant, a behavior uncommon in Jarvonia. They never assist with carrying their bags and frequently berate the poor servant, even without apparent cause.

As you approach the springs, the question weighs on your mind: should you warn them about the possibility of corruption? Would they even listen to you? Perhaps at the very least, you should warn the servant, who appears to suffer from their mistreatment.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Warn them all about the corrupted springs (Easy)
πŸ‡§ Warn only their servant (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Do not mention the corrupted water and watch them enter the springs
πŸ‡¨ --

February 19, 2024

As your group approaches the springs, you feel the warm air heated by the water, with light steam slowly rising from bubbling pool. You come up with an excuse to stay back, informing the royal pair and their servant that you're experiencing stomach cramps and would prefer not to ruin the springs for them. You move deeper into the bushes and squat down while maintaining a good view of the three.

They gradually remove their gear and clothes, stripping down to their underwear, which strikes you as odd, as Jarvonian traditions dictate entering the springs fully naked. They engage in cheerful conversation among themselves. Before entering the water, they join hands and step onto the rocky ledge. They mutter some words together, and then Madam Eberhart counts to three before they leap into the Nurturing Nooks Springs. Cold sweat drips down your brow, and your stomach twists and turns for real.

You witness the group making a splash and then emerging from the water, screaming at the top of their lungs. They clutch their faces, which appear to be bloody, and flail their arms around, attempting to escape the corrupted water. As they tumble out of the springs and onto the ground, they roll around in the snow, seeking relief from the cold. You watch the unbelievable scene, stunned in your squatting position.

After a minute or so, the woman stands up, most of her body covered in boils and bruises. She frantically looks around, her eyes searching for something. Then her gaze locks with yours, and she screams while pointing at you, "What are you looking at?! You knew, didn't you? You dirty Jarvonian dog, you knew! Should've listened to my father who said never to trust a northerner. Edmund, catch that bastard and throw him in the pool!" she orders her servant.

In a pain-fueled rage, the young servant named Edmund, with a bloody face and wearing nothing but underpants, sprints directly at you, yelling some angry gibberish.

Your senses come back, and you realize you have to react quickly. What did you even expect to happen when you didn't tell them? Now you're in quite the pickle.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Run away (Easy)
πŸ‡§ Wrestle the servant into the springs (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Talk your way out (Hard)
πŸ‡§ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [15]

March 3rd, 2024

You focus onto the crazed young man running at you. As he quickly approaches, screaming mad, you take two steps towards him and lunge with your right shoulder right into the man's belly. The air is whooshed out of the servant's lungs with a loud grunt.

Filled with adrenaline, you keep pushing forward, almost running with the man on your shoulder. He bashes your back with his fists, but you ignore the pain and press on. Once you're close enough to the corrupted springs, you muster your strength and toss the poor man into the spoiled water.

As his body is engulfed by water, he screams and flails his arms around. He struggles to stand and slowly makes his way for the ledge to climb out, but you're already there and without much problem, push the screaming man back in.

After a few tries, the man doesn't struggle to get out, nor does he scream. His body floats above the water, his boil-covered face staring emptily into the sky. Your face and hands also burn and itch slightly as some water splashes on you.

Now that you take a glance around, you see that while you were dealing with the servant, the almost naked Eberhart pair has been running away in the direction you came. You also notice a set of eyes watching you from the woods. It's a man with a dark, long beard; he's not wearing any clothes apart from a loincloth made from hide. On his face is a large moose skull with wide antlers.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Run after the Erdwiss pair to kill them (Medium)
πŸ‡§ Approach the man in the woods
πŸ‡¨ Go back home to recuperate
πŸ‡§ --

March 18th, 2024

You glance back at the Erdwiss pair who are running away through the snowy woods, but you feel nothing. It was their own fault. And the dead man floating in the bubbling pools wouldn't have died if he hadn't attacked you. At least that's what you tell yourself.

Your eyes wander to the masked man in the deeper woods. You feel strangely drawn to him. He motions for you to follow him, and you obey. Your feet carry you step by step closer to the figure. The antlered man turns and walks deeper into the woods as you follow him.

It's hard to tell how long your journey takes; you feel very hazy after the events at the springs. They feel so far away now. The man you're following hasn't said a word, and you haven't either. The crunching of snow and occasional twigs fill the ambience.

Darkness falls upon you, but that doesn't slow you down. The old man expertly walks through the woods until you come to a clearing. It's filled with several tents made from hides. The place is illuminated by a few blocks of ice that glow with blue light. There is no fire in the camp.

There are also a dozen humans dressed similarly to the antlered man. They are almost naked save for loincloths covering some of their parts. None of them wear animal skulls like the man you've followed. They stare at you as you enter their camp. One woman grabs at her knife, but the antlered man gestures for her to calm down, and she does so.

The man turns to you and says in a voice muffled by the moose skull on its head, "You have the heart of a true northerner. The people have grown weak. They seek heat to heal themselves when they should turn to the cold for salvation."

"We submit ourselves to the cold, and we are blessed with an inner fire that never goes out. We shall bring cold to all the realms and purify the world of the weakness that has grown over the years."

"Back there at the springs, you didn't hesitate. You already have the twigs inside you that await the spark to ignite them. You have my offer to join us. If you do, you shall start the most important journey of your life that will change you and the world as you know it. If you don't, you will go back to the bleak life you once had until one day you shall die alone and cold in your bed, wishing you hadn't turned down my invitation all those years back."

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Agree to join truly (Easy)
πŸ‡§ Pretend to join them (Medium)
πŸ‡¨ Deny the offer to join
πŸ‡§ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [20]

April 15th, 2024

"My heart is ready to be ignited, my mind is ready to be cleared, my body is ready to be frozen," you respond as you think you should. Truth be told, you are terrified to accept their offer, but you're even more scared of what will happen if you don't, so you decide that you might as well go with it.

As you speak those words, you see facial expressions change in the tribe. One older woman says, "He speaks... He speaks the sacred words, that were once said a hundred years before by the first Coldbringer." Others stare at you in awe and disbelief.

The moose-skulled man says, "Words are words, deeds are deeds. The cold shall decide if he is one of us or not. We shall perform the initiation ritual," and he gestures for you, and other tribespeople follow him. The night's sky is clear, and thousands of stars shine brightly as you reach a small rock formation out of which a stream of water fills a larger pool next to it. The cult followers put several of the glowing ice blocks around it.

"Drop your clothing. If you survive, you shall never need them again," the antlered man says, and you do so. You embrace the cold air around you, and the running water sounds somewhat calming to you. You really do try to clear your mind, push away the fear and uncertainty. As you concentrate, you hear the man's voice: "It's time to get in."

You take a deep breath, exhale, and get in the water. A cold shock runs through you as you submerge yourself. Your first instinct is to hyperventilate, but you calm yourself. You do not want to show weakness; you must survive the ritual, even if you do not believe it. After the initial shock has passed and you've regained control of your breath and body, you close your eyes and focus on the chanting being done by the tribe.

As you lay there, you've fully submitted yourself to the cold. You have no idea how much time has passed; it's like both your body and time are frozen. You see visions of the past - yourself as a kid being hugged by your mother. Her warm body heating your body and soul. Then you go to the present where you feel the same warm embrace, but this time it's the cold. The cold is your mother, the tribe's chants your lullaby.

The chanting stops, the breathing stops, the heart stops. You must've died. Then another vision comes - you see snow falling on the green fields of Wallisia, the ice forming in the jungles of Rid Raddak, a snowstorm raging across the Wrentmarks desert. The cold has been brought to the realms.

You open your eyes. You're lying on the ground in the woods. Snow has melted around your body. You do not feel cold, not even a shiver. Actually, you feel a little bit too warm, but there is not a single piece of clothing to further remove. A woman comes to you, the same one who pointed a knife at you when you were first led to their camp. She gives you a wooden bowl filled with crushed berries. "You are one of us now, even more, you are the one," she says and leaves.

You sit up and eat your food in silence. You think about where you've gotten yourself into. How can you be the one when you pretended in the first place? The vision you saw must've been hallucinations produced by the frost shock. You can't deny that something supernatural has happened to you. It really does seem like your body radiates heat.

The antlered man comes to you and sits in a lotus pose in the snow in front of you. "You went where no one has before. You died and came back, just like the legends said the frozen one would. I shall reveal our plan to bring cold to all the realms. The blue crystal in the temple of Azurazera would be able to harness immense power. With enough chanters and energy, it could truly freeze the world over. The path to it is long and cold, but now that you're with us, I'm sure it's possible. I need your insight on how the Coldbringers should proceed to achieve our goal. Should we recruit more followers, corrupt more places, or meet with the nobles?"

You are still a little stunned by the events. Do you embrace the role as the chosen one Coldbringer, or do you work against them from the inside to abolish the mad cult? Anyway, that's yet to be decided; you weigh the options presented to you. Getting more followers would definitely be useful for the long-term benefit of the Coldbringers. Corrupting another place would instill fear into people. It could be too early to speak with the nobles, but it would be very beneficial if you could convince them to back your cause. For now, you shall play your part as the chosen one, and you shall do so to the best of your ability.

What do you do?
Options Chosen Dice Roll
πŸ‡¦ Gather more followers (medium)
πŸ‡§ Corrupt a new place (easy)
πŸ‡¨ Speak with the nobles (hard)
πŸ‡¨ Dice: [d20]
Roll: [1]

April 29th, 2024

As you ponder your answer, you take a deep breath and close your eyes. The antlered man sits patiently beside you. You've decided. You open your eyes and tell the old coldbringer that you've received a vision from the cold itself. It has been unveiled to you that you are to speak to nobles now. You shall ask for official recognition of Coldbringers and allowance to establish a shrine in Kallaheim where you could then conduct your teachings. You know you will succeed, and this is the first step of the cold reign. You are to go alone.

The man nods at your wise made up vision. He gets up and goes on to gather the small tribe and explain your vision to them. You observe him as he tells your plan; he's also much more expressive and inspiring than you anticipated. He sprinkles themes of world domination and purifying the living and the dead throughout his speech. The tribemates are inspired and riled up by the end of the speech and burst out into song and dance. You fall asleep in the soft moss that has been sleeping beneath the snow, now completely melted by your warm body.


You wake up from a nightmare. You were back at the springs, pushing down the servant underwater. You quickly dismiss the thoughts and focus on the task at hand: reaching Kallaheim and convincing the nobles. You get up to gather your belongings, but you realize that you don't have any. You do not need clothes or a sleeping bag; food and water will be provided to you by nature, which you now feel a lot closer to. You bid your farewells to the tribe and set out to Kallaheim, the capital of Jarvonia.

As you march through the woods and snowy fields, you think about the situation you're in. You can't really return to your normal life anymore, and you're not really sure what will come out of your false leadership of the Coldbringers, but for now, you want to be on their good side. Possibly learning more about them, and then deciding what to do with your newfound position.
Also, you've been enjoying your new powers of heat. You've always been someone who's a little bit cold, and no amount of extra layers you've worn helped with it, but now you feel truly warm. You even think that the world in snow and cold wouldn't be a problem if everyone had the inner heat powers that Coldbringers possess; maybe they are on the right path.


After almost a week of travel, you see the high walls of Kallaheim in the distance. A heavy wind blows over the field, swirling up the snow into whirls. You go up to the gates where a guard is totally flabbergasted by your nonexistent outfit. Without saying a word, he opens the gates and lets you into the city. As you make your way through the streets up to the keep, you're turning heads of the people left and right. A Coldbringer in the city is a rare sight, and most people have only heard about such people living deep in the woods. Truth be told, you enjoy the attention.

You reach the large arched doors of the Keep of Kallaheim. There are two guards in front of it, and they block the entrance with spears. "State your business, naked one," one of them says with a smirk. You explain that you've come to address urgent spiritual matters to Lady Varna. You've also brought gifts and you take out of a pouch a small shard of the glowing blue crystal which gets taken by one of the guards.

The guards look at each other, and one of them nods towards the doors to the other, and he enters the keep. You're told to wait, and after a few minutes, the guard comes out and tells you that a meeting has been arranged; you're allowed to proceed inside. You enter a grand hall that's well-lit and warm; you feel a bit hot indoors. You're met by another guard who leads you to a throne room where a magnificent stone throne sits, and Lady Varna is seated upon it. She's a striking woman in her forties; in her eyes, you can see grace and grit.

Her sharp eyes narrow as you stand before her, and she assesses you from head to toe. "Speak," she says.

You glance around the room, counting six guards. They look serious and tough. Your eyes meet Lady Varna's, and her intense stare pierces you, making you uncomfortable. You inhale a deep breath. Did I make a mistake coming here? The thought flashes through your mind, but instead, you hear yourself speak. You introduce yourself as the Speaker of Coldbringers, then you explain your ideology of embracing the cold rather than fighting it. You tell how through mastery, anyone can overcome the cold by bringing inner fire to themselves. You argue that you deserve a place and recognition in the city to practice your mission, as it would benefit the whole realm.

After you're done, Lady Varna smiles, but it's the type of smile that sends shivers down your spine. It's cold and commanding. "Well, Speaker of Coldbringers, you are a reject of society and the bane of rationality. I have the perfect place for you where to practice your teachings. You are banished forever to the Isle of the Condemned. Take him away!" she says.

The guards instantly move in on you, chaining you. You nervously start to explain the truthβ€”that you're not a Coldbringer for real. You're just infiltrating their cult to eradicate it. What you said about the shrine and everything was all just part of the disguise. You plead for forgiveness.

Lady Varna hears none of it. Once she's made a decision, it's set in stone. You're getting taken away despite your screams, cries, and kicks. You will spend the rest of your life one the remote Isle of the Condemned, where you will join killers, thieves and other wrong doers for a life of hard survival.

What do you do?
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