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Welcome to the Walkscape meta guide. This guide will attempt to answer many questions about everything outside of the game, including, but not limited to devices, setup, and walking itself. If you want the best strategies, continue reading below!

THIS PAGE IS UNDERGOING SIGNIFICANT CHANGES - DISREGARD FOR NOW. TL;DR, the game will launch using the actual accelerometer on your device. You will need your phone in your pocket/backpack while walking to get in game progress. Support for Apple Health/Google Fit data will come at a later date once the risk of cheating/spoofing is low.


Walkscape uses data from Google Fit and Apple Health. It's imperative to have a mobile phone that records data on these apps, or a smartwatch that transmits data to these apps. The Wiki team can not endorse specific products, but we would recommend reading the articles below for a general idea of what types of devices may work to track your stacks.

A quick note that Walkscape works solely off of step count data. No other specific data (distance, heart rate, etc.) are needed to interact with the game. While these articles can provide an idea of the device, we recommend that you always double check and ensure that your smartwatch will transmit data to Google Fit or Apple Health.

Google Fit

Best fitness accessories for Google Fit 2023 (Android Central)

Smartwatches and trackers to help keep you moving (Google)

Apple Health

Best fitness trackers that work with apple health app (Softonic)

Special Note on Garmin Watches

Building a bridge from your Garmin watch through Strava to Google Fit will not work. The Google Fit app needs to see steps to count for in game progress. To do so, you will need to buy an app to sync the data to Google Fit. We are currently looking for confirmation on how real-time this sync is, so please contact the dev team if you have experience with a Garmin ---> Google Fit connection.

How to sync Garmin to Google Fit (Joyful Triathlete)


Insert eventual link to Google Play / App Store download links. Also beta invite info.


Insert cadence data for different types of walking/running activities. Include guide for WFH walking desk, treadmills, etc.